Phillips and Mowat Win at Brighton

BRIGHTON, ON- Perfect weather set the stage for a great night of racing at Brighton Speedway Saturday night. Rapid Rad and QBT Excavating presented an action-packed night of Southern Ontario Sprints, Late Models, Thunder Stocks, Mini Stocks and Comp 4. The fans were also treated to an exhibition by the Kiwanis Club of Trenton Kart Klub. A group of fifteen kids put on an awesome display for fans to show them what Thursday nights are all about at Brighton Speedway.

Phillips Parks it for the First Time

The Southern Ontario Sprints made their third appearance at Brighton Speedway on Saturday, the winged warriors never failing to draw in fans and put on a spectacle. Kyle Phillips (No. 21) and Jacob Dykstra No. (5D) led the field of 18 Southern Ontario Sprints to green. Phillips was on the hunt for the victory and wasn’t long until he was quickly manoeuvring his way through lap traffic. The field came to a slow for the No. 0 of Glen Styres who was around in Turn 1 & 2, unfortunately the No. 10 of Mitch Brown was unable to avoid contact with Styres and the pair got hooked together for a lengthy yellow flag. Young driver Kyle Phillips (No. 21) was able to remain in the zone and make his first ever trip to victory lane, with a 2.904 second margin of victory over Ryan Turner (No. 91). Followed by Chris Jones (No. 11J), Jacob Dykstra (No. 5D) and Cory Turner (No. 13).

 Mowat Moves it to Victory Lane

Brandon Mowat (No. 46) earned his first victory of the season in the Vanderlaan Building Products Ltd. Late Model division. Mowat started the field for the 30-lap event alongside the No. 33 of David Vandertoorn. The first caution was quickly brought out on lap 2 for Vandertoorn (No. 33) as he went around in corner 4, the field took no time getting stacked back up to take the green. Points leader Andrew Hennessy (No. 87) hot on Mowat’s tail trying to make the pass for the lead but Mowat was able to gain more to his lead each lap. The field was stacked back up for the final time just before the halfway mark for the No. 21 of Rich Sanders who was slowed on the front stretch. Not phased with the field being tightened up, Mowat did not miss a beat and drove his 46 machine straight to victory lane. Hennessy (No. 87) in the runner up position, Kyle Sopaz (No. 11), Adam Turner (No. 92) and Steve Baldwin (No. 5) round out the top five.

White Wins his First Career Feature

Doug May (No. 23) and No. 9 of Josh Black driven by Brandon Gregory led the field of 19 Brighton Automotive Thunder Stocks to green for their 20-lap affair. Third- place starter Cory White (No. 19) made no time getting his way to the race lead. Brock Gregory (No. 1) and Justin Ramsay (No. 03) worked their way through the field to try their luck at the race lead, rocking the less desirable outside line. Gregory and White put up a great side by side battle changing race leader for several laps after the halfway mark. The tough field of thunder stocks put on a great show for fans with White (No. 19) taking checkers, Gregory (No. 1) closely behind, Ramsay (No. 03) in third, Austin Reid (No. 85) fourth and Doug Anderson (No. 72) fifth.

Fletcher Flies to Victory Lane

The Bill’s Johns Comp 4 division put on a great show for fans in their 15-lap feature event. The No. 33 of Adam Milton driven by Zach Humphry and Keith Dunk (No. 22) set the field to green for the first feature event of the evening. Third-place starter Aidan Fletcher (No. 42jr) quickly worked his way to the race lead, but a caution at the halfway mark slowed the field. Points leader Tommy Bailey (No. 44) was able to use the restart to his advantage and pass Fletcher for the race lead on the top, Devon Kippen (No. 43) was not far out of the battle for first either. Starting to work into lap traffic the final lap Fletcher (No. 42jr) was able to use this to his advantage and narrowly pass by race leader Bailey (No. 44) for the win at the flag stand for a photo finish. Fletcher’s margin of victory over Bailey was 0.006 seconds, Kippen finishing third, Bogaard crossing the line in fourth but later disqualified for failing post-technical inspection and Sager crossing in fifth. See below for official race results.

Fifth Ride to Victory Lane for Rhodes

Chris Tufford (No. 4) and the No. 22 of Tyson Gregory driven by Travis McLean started the growing field of 18 Bill’s Johns Mini Stocks. The race starters were the stars of the show for the beginning of the 15-lap event battling it out for the race lead. Tufford leading laps 1-5, switching it up for the race lead substitute driver McLean taking over that race lead for laps 6-12. However, points leader and ninth-place starter Carter Rhodes (No. 18) took the lead from McLean on lap 13 and held on until the most important final lap. Rhodes earning himself his fifth feature win in the Mini Stock Division this season.

Kart Klub Exhibition

Fifteen of the youngest drivers of Brighton Speedway put on an exhibition for a large crowd of race fans to show them what Thursday night racing is all about. The 15 racers were divided into two groups based on their age and not divisions. The karters put on an excellent showcase and showed their superstar abilities.  Group 1 mock feature consisted of Jack Veenstra (No. 91),  Bentley Davidson (No. 19), Brody Davidson (No.31), Blake Gregory (No.01), Sophie Deline (No. 16s) and Riley Deline (No. 10r).  Group 2 mock feature consisted of Coleson Gregory (No.  1), Trevyn McCrillis (No. 71), Elliot Stacy (No. 18), Holden Paul (No. 14), Charley Smith-Wilson (No. 9), Kolby Ellis (No.89), Oliver Stacey (No. 76), and Cooper McKeown (No. 9s). Follow @bspgokartracing for updates on the Kart Klub.

Next Up:

Cobourg Development Services and The Community Press present the Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour, plus Vanderlaan Building Product Late Models, Bainer’s OilGARD Anti-Rust Canadian Modifieds, Bill’s Johns Comp 4, Bill’s Johns Mini Stocks and Quinte Septic Stingers on Saturday, July 16th. Racing starts at 7pm, hot laps at 6pm, front gates open at 5pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance at or at the front gate.

Results for Saturday, July 9th 2022:

Southern Ontario Sprints (25 laps):

  1. 21 Kyle Phillips, 2. 91 Ryan Turner, 3. 11j Chris Jones, 4. 5D Jacob Dykstra, 5. 13 Cory Turner, 6. 20 Braydon Cooley, 7. 1-10 Jake Brown, 8. 84 Tyler Rand, 9. 11 Jamie Turner, 10. 9 Liam Martin, 11. 42w Rick Wilson, 12. 68 Aaron Turkey, 13. 77t Tyeller  Powless, 14. 71 Shawn Sliter, 15. 25 Warren Mahoney, 16. 98 Paul Pekkonen, 17. 0 Glen Styres, 18. 10 Mitch Brown

Vanderlaan Building Products Late Models (30 laps):

  1. 46 Brandon Mowat, 2. 87 Andrew Hennessy, 3. 11 Kyle Sopaz, 4. 92 Adam Turner, 5. 5 Steve Baldwin, 6. 57 Charlie Sandercock, 7. 01 Eli Mayhew, 8. 79 Rodney Beaudrie SUB DOUG OBLENIS, 9. 55 Brad Rayner, 10. 33 David Vandertoorn, 11. 21 Rich Sanders

Brighton Automotive Thunder Stocks (20 laps):

  1. 19 Cory White, 2. 1 Brock Gregory, 3. 03 Justin Ramsay, 4. 85 Austin Reid, 5. 72 Doug Anderson, 6. 0 Tyler French, 7. 14 Chris Dorland, 8. 9 Josh Black SUB Brandon Gregory, 9. 74 Mike Lucas, 10. 92 Adam Turner, 11. 23 Doug May, 12. 41 Ryan Lambert, 13. 16 Kaitlyn O’Blenis, 14. 7 Ricky Phillips, 15. 27 Torri Pope, 16. 97 Dave Barrett, 17. 28 Cole McKeown, 18. 77 Adrian Hancock, 19. 01 Kyle Gregory

Bill’s Johns Comp 4 (15 Laps):

  1. 42jr Aidan Fletcher, 2. 44 Tommy Bailey, 3. 43 Devon Kippen, 4. 20 Cody Sager, 5. 85 Brittany Golden, 6. 19 Shannon White, 7. 22 Keith Dunk, 8. 16 Dawson Evans, 9. 33 Adam Milton SUB ZACH HUMPHRY, 10. 35P Paul Reid, 11.85j Jordan Monaghan, DQ. 15 Josh Bogaard

Bill’s Johns Mini Stock (15 Laps):

  1. 18 Carter Rhodes, 2. 22 Tyson Gregory SUB TRAVIS MCLEAN, 3. 4 Chris Tufford, 4. 12 Caleb Severin, 5. 25 Lawrence Evenden, 6. 72 Austin South, 7. 54 Tim Moore, 8. 95 Chris Lammle, 9. 17E Evan Minnie, 10. 7 Anthony Rinaldi, 11. 01 Scott Simpson, 12. 71 Alesha Gerard, 13. 87 Steven Hennige, 14. 1b Bailey Ferrill, 15. 11R Will Dorie, 16. 8 Sebastian Rightmeyer, 17. 78 Ethan Dorie