As the Laps Roll On, Keira Turner’s Racing Confidence Grows 

By Jim Clarke

If driving a racecar in weekly competition at the hometown speedway was easy, everyone would do it.

Keira Turner is a 3rd generation racer with strong ties to the Eastern Ontario regions of Quinte and Prince Edward County. After getting her start in the karting ranks at Brighton Speedway, this is her second full season of action in the Saturday Night Novice Sportsman-Modified field at Brockville Ontario Speedway. Following in the footsteps of her paternal grandfather Paul Turner, who is a member of the Brighton Speedway Wall of Fame and her uncle Adam Turner, who has scored feature race wins in a variety of dirt track divisions Keira currently sits 7th in the point standings with 11 top 10 finishes in just as many 2022 starts.

With more on her plate than just driving the racecar, the 15-year-old is getting ready for a new school year at Belleville’s Eastside Secondary School and recently landed her first job as a host with the area location of a popular restaurant chain. Looking at the big picture, Keira Turner says she hopes to continue racing and is also pursuing the long term goal of being a photographer. That will be the course of study for her post-secondary education.

“I’ve met some great people and made some wonderful friends while being at the race track,” Keira Turner explained. “At this level of the sport, it is supposed to be about having fun. If that wasn’t happening, I wouldn’t be there. I always have a great time going to the track with ‘Poppy’ and ‘Grammar’. Its great to learn about my own car and cheer for my friends in some of the other classes when I’m not racing.”

Turner says that in addition to driving her car, she also gets to do some of the preparation and maintenance work behind the scenes. When her busy schedule permits, she has changed the oil, checked tire pressures and makes sure her safety equipment and helmet are always set to go when the team gets to the track.

“My Mom, grandparents, family members and friends have been very encouraging, dating back to when I raced the go kart,” said Keira Turner. “I really like being part of the Fan Appreciation autograph sessions at the track. Its fun to meet the fans and hear their supportive comments. Some of them have told me they’d like to do what I’m doing and I hope they’ll get the chance.”

For the 2022 season, Keira Turner would like to thank her sponsors including Paul Turner Auto Repair, Mark Heating & Cooling, Angie’s Pooper Pumping Septic Service, Kustom Rides, Darran Green Sandblasting, Snider Painting, Draper Doors, Gates Graphics and Clarke Motorsports Communications.

Follow the No. K92 Novice Sportsman-Modified weekly program at the race track or by liking the K92 Turner Racing page at

Photo attachment: Jim Clarke – Clarke Motorsports Communications/First Draft Media