Can-Am Releases Expected Entries for Season Opener; Event to be Broadcast on DTD TV

LAFARGEVILLE, NY – The Can-Am Speedway recently released their list of expected entries for the Friday, June 5 season opener at the North Country oval.  A full field is expected in every division as everyone looks to go racing.

No fans are allowed in the stands with the event being exclusively broadcast on Dirt Track Digest TV.  All divisions of racing will be shown for just $19.99.

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Whitesboro DIRTcar 358 Modifieds:
George Foley – Confirmed
Tyler Meeks – Confirmed
Jackson Gill – Confirmed
Shaun Shaw – Confirmed
Tyler Bartlett – Confirmed
Michael Mandigo – Confirmed
Ryan Bartlett – Confirmed
Andrew Howard – Confirmed
Bob Henry – Confirmed
Greg Martin – Confirmed
Michael Trapp – Confirmed
James Zacharias – Confirmed
Lucas Fuller – Confirmed
Jeff Sykes – Confirmed
Garrett Rushlow – Pending
Cameron Black – Pending
Jordan McCreadie – Confirmed
Ronnie Davis III – Confirmed
Nick Webb – Confirmed
Lance Willix – Confirmed
Timothy Sears Jr. – Confirmed
Rusty Smith – Pending
Jeff Taylor – Confirmed
Billy Dunn – Confirmed
Matt Woodruff – Confirmed
Justin Crisafulli – Pending
Carey Terrance – Confirmed
Billy Shantel – Confirmed
Mike Maresca – Confirmed
Tim Fuller – Confirmed
Ben Bushaw – Confirmed
Todd Root – Pending
Ben Bushaw – Confirmed
Scott Webb – Confirmed

FX Caprara Honda DIRTcar Sportsman:
Dave Richer – Confirmed
Addison Bowman – Confirmed
Dustin Bradley – Confirmed
Kevin Root – Confirmed
Dustin Hutton – Confirmed
Charlie Tibbitts – Pending
Brian Hudson – Confirmed
Sean Beardsley – Pending
Jordan Kelly – Confirmed
Mike Fowler – Confirmed
Gavin Eisele – Confirmed
Daniel Beachard – Confirmed
Frank Sibley – Confirmed
Dylan Zacharias – Confirmed
DJ Gonyo – Confirmed
Joe Williams – Confirmed
Brendan Gibbons – Confirmed
Mark Fewster – Confirmed
Justin Gadbaw – Confirmed
Daniel Reif – Confirmed
Jeff Stevenson – Confirmed
Ryan Shanahan – Confirmed
Jamy Begor – Confirmed
Tyler Corcoran – Pending
Jack Meeks – Confirmed
Delbert Legrow – Confirmed
Delbert Legrow Jr. – Confirmed
Joe Sobotka – Confirmed
Derek Webb – Confirmed
Chris Thurston – Confirmed
RJ Tresidder – Confirmed
Dalton Rombough – Confirmed
Dylan Rabtoy – Confirmed
Cory Castell – Confirmed
Joshua Pete – Confirmed
Kevin Warren – Pending
Eric Nier – Confirmed
Anthony Rasmussen – Confirmed
William Decker Jr. – Confirmed
Greg Henry – Confirmed
Alan Fink – Pending
Trevor Gibbons – Confirmed
Roy Delormier – Confirmed
George Sanford – Confirmed
Remington Hamm – Pending
Chris Cayea – Confirmed

Fabco DIRTcar Pro Stocks:
Taylor Doxater – Confirmed
Kevin Fetterly Jr. – Confirmed
Tyler Bushey – Confirmed
Jay Fitzgerald – Confirmed
Sid Harmer II – Confirmed
Timothy Bailey – Confirmed
Scott Towslee – Confirmed
Rick Duskas – Confirmed
Shawn Kirby – Confirmed
Mike White – Confirmed
Burton Ward – Confirmed
Will Gates – Confirmed
Ryan Gates – Confirmed
Damien Gates – Confirmed
Steven Gillmore – Confirmed
Luke Homing – Confirmed
Josh Coonradt – Confirmed
Mike Durham – Pending
Brian Carter – Pending
Nick Stone – Pending

TLC Real Estate Owner/Broker Marsha Gibbons Thunderstocks:
Kory Paro Jr. – Confirmed
Cole Davidson – Confirmed
Kylie Ward – Confirmed
Chuck Monica – Confirmed
Gerald Rogers – Confirmed
Francis White – Confirmed
Ray Graffam – Confirmed
Justin Pope – Confirmed
Jess Bender – Pending
Don Woodworth – Confirmed
J.R. Durham – Confirmed
Kevin Greenfield – Confirmed
Mike Greenfield – Confirmed
Josh Verne Jr. – Confirmed
Kirk Smith – Confirmed
Joshua Stiles – Confirmed
Nathan Brothers – Confirmed
Jock Symonds – Confirmed
Gary Sharlow – Confirmed
Nathan Brothers – Pending
Timothy Greenfield – Pending
Justin Burns – Confirmed

We will update all “pending” registrations at the end of business tomorrow to reflect all completed payments for 06/04/20 (Check and PayPal) as well as add any new registrations to the list. We cannot wait to see you at the track!!! – Can-Am Speedway