Kevin Root Wins Sportsman Feature at Can-Am – DTD Exclusive

By: Steven Petty

LAFARGEVILLE, NY – Kevin Root returned to victory lane at “The Nasty Track of the North” Friday night by winning the Racing Electronics DIRTcar Sportsman event as part of DIRTcar Racing’s OktoberFAST at the Can-Am Speedway.

Root and Kyle Inman would share the front row of the 30-lap event with Root taking the lead. Root would extend his lead after a lap three restart and would never look back. Matt Janczuk was looking for another win during OktoberFAST. Janczuk would race in the top three all race long and was pressuring Inman the entire race distance.

After a lap 13 caution, Janczuk would take over second from Inman, as Root was once again “The Man to beat”. Janczuk would try everything he could on lap 24 but was unable to pass Root.

Root would score the win over Inman, Janczuk, Tyler Corcoran, and qualifying heat winner Dylan Zacharias. Root would also set the overall quick time in the division with a 21.193-seconds.

“Getting eight or nine wins here this year was pretty cool”, Root said. Our car works so well here, it’s amazing”, Root added.

Runner-up finisher Kyle Inman stated that his 20k machine worked better on the bottom of the track. “We feel really good finishing second”, Inman said. “Finishing second here is amazing, especially with all the competition that this division has”, Inman added. “Our car worked better on the inside than it did on the outside of the track, Inman continued.

“We had a tough time getting through the lap traffic”, says third-place finisher Matt Janczuk.

86 Sportsman signed in at “The Nasty Track of the North”. Qualifying heats were won by Brian Hudson, Dylan Zacharias, Jack Meeks, Kyle Inman, Matt Janczuk, Kevin Root, Tyler Corcoran, and Jamy Begor.

DIRTcar OktoberFAST Sportsman Quick Results:

Heat 1:  Brian Hudson, Ryan Dolbear, Remington Hamm, Austin Germinio, Derrick Borkenhagen, Brently Gray, Bailey Groves, Kevin Stevens, Brian Harris, Delbert Legrow Sr, Kristian Smoke (DNS)

Heat 2:  Dylan Zacharias, Andrew Buff, Justin Stone, Garrison Krentz, Jeff Stevenson, Noah Walker, Dustin Bradley, Zach Arquiett, Tevor Gibbons, Jeffrey Prentice, Daryl Barrett

Heat 3:  Jack Meeks, Mike Amell, Erick Nier, Zach Sobotka, Bucko Branham, Chris Cayea, Zachary Payne, Travis Bruno, Andrew Howard, Justin Gadbaw, Sam Hoxie

Heat 4:  Kyle Inman, Alan Fink, Will Shields, Bobby Flood, Dalton Rombough, Robert Gage, Aj Custodi, Joshua Pete, Sid Harmer, Derek Webb, Bobby Heintz

Heat 5:  Matt Janczuk, Payton Talbot, Christopher Mackey, Travis Green, Dalton Martin, DJ Gonyo, George Sanford, Cameron Tuttle, Jordan Moden, Cory Castell

Heat 6:  Kevin Root, Nick Heywood, Mike Fowler, Cody Wolfe, Ed Lukas, Zachary George, Jason Parkhurst, Chris Thurston, Greg Henry, Tim Smythe, Kelly Smith

Heat 7:  Tyler Corcoran, Brian Krummel, Addison Bowman, Richard Murtaugh, Rj Tresidder, Robert Bublak, Brian Calabrese, Brett Martin, Rocco Leone, Justin Crisafulli, Tim Dwyer

Heat 8:  Jamy Begor, Joe Williams, Amy Holland, Jordan Kelly, Brandon Carvey, Ryan Shanahan, Daryl Nutting, Gavin Eisele, David Boisclair, Jack Speshock, Aaron Jacobs, Greg Snyder

Last Chance Showdown 1:  Austin Germinio, Garrison Krentz, Noah Walker, Dustin Bradley, Derrick Borkenhagen, Baily Groves, Zach Arquiett, Jeff Stevenson, Trevor Gibbons, Bently Gray, Kevin Stevens, Brian Harris, Daryl Barrett, Delbert Legrow Sr, Jeffrey Prentice, Kristian Smoke (DNS)

Last Chance Showdown 2:  Zach Sobotka, Robert Gage, Dalton Rombaugh, Chris Cayea, Travis Bruno, Joshua Pete, Bobby Flood, Zachary Payne, Sid Harmer, Andrew Howard, Justin Gadbaw, Sam Hoxie, Bobby Heintz, Bucko Branham, Aj Custodi, Derek Webb

Last Chance Showdown 3:  Cody Wolfe, Dalton Martin, DJ Gonyo, Travis Green, Cory Castell, Jason Parkhurst, Greg Henry, Zachary George, Chris Thurston, Tim Smythe, Kelly Smith, Jordan Moden, Cameron Tuttle, Ed Lukas, George Sanford (DNS)

Last Chance Showdown 4:  Richard Murtaugh, Rj Tresidder, Brandon Carvey, Robert Bublak, Jack Speshock, Gavin Eisele, Tim Dwyer, Ryan Shanahan, David Boisclair, Brett Martin, Justin Crisafulli, Greg Snyder, Rocco Leone, Aaron Jacobs, Brian Calabrese, Jordan Kelly, Daryl Nutting (DNS)

DIRTcar Sportsman Feature (30 Laps):  KEVIN ROOT, Kyle Inman, Matt Janczuk, Tyler Corcoran, Dylan Zacharias, Payton Talbot, Jamy Begor, Addison Bowman, Jack Meeks, Nick Heywood, Justin Stone, Brian Hudson, Brian Krummel, Andrew Buff, Joe Williams, RJ Tresidder, Eric Nier, Mike Fowler, Remington Hamm, Amy Holland, Zach Sobotka, Dalton Martin, Richard Murtaugh, Will Shields, Mike Amell, Cody Wolfe, Robert Gage, Garrison Krentz, Alan Fink, Christopher Mackey, Austin Germinio, Ryan Dolbear