Tim Fuller Wins DIRTcar 358 Modified Season Opener At Can-Am

LAFARGEVILLE, NY –  Tim Fuller was the victor in the small block 358 modified class, Friday night at Can-Am Speedway in Lafargeville, New York, after back-to-back rainouts had postponed the season points opener for two weeks. The night was sponsored by VP Racing Fuels, Number One Speed Shop and Dirt Empire Magazine.

Twenty-eight cars took the green flag in the Whitesboro Plow Shop DIRTcar 358 Modified feature, the highlight of the night’s racing event. The night belonged to Tim Fuller in the number 19, as he had the hot foot at the drop of the green flag and each of the caution restarts, consistently jumping out ahead of the pack. Billy Dunn (49) was a hard charger, climbing up from a tenth position start to challenge Fuller for the lead throughout the second half of the race. Fuller managed to fend him off with the help of lapped traffic, to take his first victory of the season at the Nasty Track of the North.

“I was happy to get one tonight,” Fuller said, from the Bob Johnson Auto Group Victory Lane. “A lot of lapped traffic out there, it took a little to get around it. The top of the track was pretty good. A little rough in turns three and four, but pretty good. I think there will be a lot of back and forth with him (second place finisher Billy Dunn) as the season goes on.”

Taylor Caprara (21) led for much of the Bob Johnson Auto Group DIRTcar Sportsman feature, but Chris Bonofski (16B) never relented in his pursuit for the lead. While Caprara ran the high groove around the track, Bonofski preferred the low side.

“The car stuck pretty good where I wanted it to,” Chris Bonofski said from victory lane. “The track was pretty good. I wasn’t sure where I was going to race tonight, I guess I’m glad we came here.”

Bonofski was able to get by Caprara for the lead and the victory, while Caprara gave up second place to David Rogers (1R), and had to settle for third, as they became entangled in lapped traffic late in the race.

Sid Harmer Jr. (14R) took advantage of a flat tire by Tyler Bushey (x15), who had a strong lead early in the FABCO DIRTcar Prostock feature, to drive to victory in the twenty-lap race. Bushey was able to climb back to a respectable fifth place finish, but it was certainly a disappointment after an exceptional start.

“It took us through the hot laps to figure out what was going on with the car,” Sid Harmer Jr. said, after the race regarding his win. “But we got it figured out. The track was great, had a lot of bite on the bottom. It took a little bit to get some heat in the tires, but once we got it, we ran good.”

Michael Delormier (10) was the victor in the Donath MotorWorx DIRTcar Sportsman B Main, while Mike Greenfield (17) managed to sneak past Tony Frezzo (22) and AJ St. Mary (111J) to gain victory in the Marsha Gibbons TLC Realty Thunderstock division feature. Blayden Arquette (18) closed the night of racing with a victory in the Donath Motor Worx Limited Sportsman feature.

Racing will return to Can-Am Speedway on May 21, with a full night of family-friendly racing action. For more information visit: racecanam.com.

Whitesboro Plow Shop DIRTcar 358: 1- 19 Tim Fuller, 2- 49 Billy Dunn, 3- 31 Lance Willix, 4- 28 Jordan McCreadie, 5- 66x Carey Terrance, 6- 1 Jackson Gill, 7- 7s Shawn Shaw, 8- 24R Garrett Rushlow, 9- 55 Matt Woodruff, 10- 27z Dylan Zacharias, 11- 21 Larry Welling, 12- 74 Lucas Fuller, 13- 45r Preston Forbes, 14- 23 Cameron Black, 15- 34 Andrew Ferguson, 16- 21r RJ Tresidder, 17- 29j Joel Hall, 18- 1 Robert Delormier, 19- 21 Andrew Howard, 20- 36b Dan Beachard, 21- 15d Kyle Demetro, 22- 31jr Tom Jock Jr., 23- 27 Nick Webb, 24- 66 Derek Webb, 25- 29j Jeff Sykes, 26- 29 Tom Conklin, 27- 4b Richard Page, 28- 9 Tyler Meeks, 29- 93 R. Bartlett (DNS).

FABCO DIRTcar Pro Stock: 1- 14R Sid Harmer Jr., 2- 28 Burton Ward, 3- 2e Eli Gilbert, 4- 1x Justin White, 5- x15 Tyler Bushey, 6- 60 Taylor Doxtater, 7- 3 Rick Duskas, 8- 57k Kevin Fetterly Jr., 9- 102 Anthony Mossow, 10- 83 Will Gates, 11- 33 Pete Schroy, 12- 775 Ken Hartshorn, 13- 977 Ryan Gates, 14- 66 Luke Hull (DNS).

Bob Johnson Auto Group DIRTcar Sportsman: 1- 16b Chris Bonofski, 2- 1 David Rogers, 3- 21 Taylor Caprara, 4- 34 Eric Nier, 5- 410 Mike Fowler, 6- 2 Jordan Kelly, 7- 41 Dalton Rombough, 8- 621g Trevor Gibbons, 9- 29 Nick Haywood, 10- 1 Jack Meeks, 11- 6 Brian Hudson, 12- 57H Remington Hamm, 13- 77d Dustin Hutton, 14- 64 Tyler Corcoran, 15- 10b Jaime Brown, 16- 10x Corey Castell, 17- 01r Robert Gage, 18- 32 Ryan Shanahan, 19- 18 Gavin Eisele, 20- 06w Dorian Wahdan, 21- 88 Fire Swamp, 22- 2x Mike Amell, 23- 9s Bentley Gray, 24- 18 Justin Gadbaw, 25- 71x Delbert Legrow Jr., 26- 8 Kevin Warren

Donath Motor Worx DIRTcar Sportsman B-Main: 1- 10 Mike Delormier, 2- 62 Jonathan Murphy, 3- 71 Delbert Legrow, 4- 55 Daniel Reif, DNS: 15 Greg Henry, 25 George Sanford, 1R Ricky Thompson, 83D Dustin Bradley, 12s Kyle Sharp, 91 Josh Reome, 92 Frank Sibley, 6x Travis Back.

Marsha Gibbons TLC Realty Thunderstock: 1- 17 Mike Greenfield, 2- 22 Tony Frezzo, 3- 111J AJ St. Mary, 4- 17z Matt Zira, 5- 11a Kevin Greenfield, 6- 3d Kevin Duffany, 7- 73 Timmy Greenfield, 8- 25 Tyler Collette, 9- 99 Dustin Murphy, 10- 14D Scott Duffany, 11- 772 Nathan Brothers, 12- 62 Jerry Rogers, 13- 22J Jared Gilson, 14- 60 Francis White, 15- 1K Gary Sharlow (DNS), 16- 222 Zachary Macaulay (DNS).

Donath Motor Worx Limited Sportsman: 1- 18 Blayden Arquette, 2- 36m Franklin Mackin, 3- 00 Cameron Reif, 4- 17 Owen Nier, 5- 77L Buddy Leathley, 6- 22 Tony Frezzo, 7- 131 Mike Fairbanks, 8- 13j Jordan Jerome.