Dunn Scores Can-Am Checkered For Second Win In A Row – DTD Exclusive

By:  Bobby Sweeney

LaFARGEVILLE, NY – Billy Dunn had the hot hand for the second week in a row at Can-Am Speedway, charging from the middle of the pack to the lead in the first third of the 358-Modified feature, then driving away for a dominating win.

Ryan Bartlett led early in the 25-lap feature, but early yellows allowed a trio of deep starters to make quick headway. By lap five, Jordan McCreadie, Dunn, and Tim Fuller had slipped into positions three, four, and five, and were ready to pounce. Following a lap five yellow, Dunn went to second, and around the top of Bartlett for the lead with seven laps complete.

McCreadie and Fuller filed into second and third by lap ten, having a little battle of their own. Fuller took the runner up spot at halfway, but Dunn was long gone. Working traffic with ease, Dunn went uncontested en route to his second win in a row in dominating fashion, with Fuller, McCreadie, Lance Willix, and Jackson Gill completing the top five.

“This is what we’ve been working for,” Dunn said. “We were pretty bad here at times last year, but these guys stuck it out with me and we’ve got a solid car under us now. These races have been playing out with a race to the front against Fuller, but with a car that I can put wherever I want and pick up the gas real early, it makes this fun.”


Whitesboro Plow Shop DIRTcar 358 Modified feature:  1. 49 Billy Dunn, 2. 19 Tim Fuller, 3. 28 Jordan McCreadie, 4. 31 Lance Willix, 5. 1 Jackson Gill, 6. 39 Ryan Bartlett, 7. 27z Dylan Zacharias, 8. 27w Nick Webb, 9. 7s Shaun Shaw, 10. 9 Tyler Meeks, 11. 66x Carey Terrance, 12. 29JH Joel Hall, 13. 29j Jeff Sykes, 14. 45r Preston Forbes, 15. 18w Scott Webb, 16. 36b Dan Beachard, 17. 21r RJ Tressider, 18. 21 Andrew Howard, 19. 4b Richard Paige (DNF) (Ran 21 Laps), 20. 47 Brent Cross (Ran 15 Laps), 21. 23L Cameron Black (DNF), 22. 74 Lucas Fuller (DNF), 23. 31JR Tom Jock Jr. (DNF).

Bob Johnson Auto Group DIRTcar Sportsman feature:  1. 410 Mike Fowler, 2. 64 Tyler Corcoran, 3. 32 Ryan Shanahan, 4. 1 David Rogers, 5. 10B Jamie Brown, 6. 41 Dalton Rombough, 7. 1M Tyler Murray, 8. 34 Eric Nier, 9. 18e Gavin Eisele, 10. 91 Josh Reome, 11. 16b Chris Bonoffoski, 12. 57H Remington Hamm, 13. 21c Taylor Caprara, 14. 15 Greg Henry, 15. 1R Ricky Thompson, 16. 6 Brian Hudson, 17. 18g Justin Gadbaw, 18. Fox28 Tyler Stevenson, 19. 12s Kyle Sharpe, 20. 25 George Sanford, 21. 621g Trevor Gibbons, 22. 62 Jonathan Murphy, 23. 5K Matt Kitts, 24. 2x Mike Amell, 25. 2 Tiger Chapman (DNS).

FABCO DIRTcar Pro Stock feature:  1. 57k Kevin Fetterly, 2. 2e Eli Gilbert, 3. X15 Tyler Bushy, 4. 28 Burton Ward, 5. 1x Justin White, 6. 3k Shawn Kirby, 7. 60 Taylor Doxtator, 8. 16x Tim Bailey, 9. 3 Rick Duskas, 10. 33 Pete Schroy, 11. 102 Anthony Mossow, 12. X37 Ryan Rarick.

Marsha Gibbons TLC Realty ThunderStock feature:  1. 17 Matt Zira, 2. 11A Mike Greenfield, 3. 22F Tony Frezzo, 4. 17 Tyler Burns, 5. 11J Justin Burns, 6. 22J Jared Gilson, 7. 14D Scott Duffany, 8. 111J AJ St. Mary (DNF), 9. 272 Justin Pope (DNF), 10. 22 Zachary Macaulay (DNF), 11. 25 Tyler Collette (DNF), 12. 3D Kevin Duffany, 13. 21 Corey Balade (DNF).

Donath Motor Worx Limited Sportsman features  1. 1D Paul Deruyter, 2. 17 Owen Nier, 3. 36M Franklin Mackin, 4. 42 Jeremy Hamilton, 5. 13J Jordan Jerome, 6. 131 Mike Fairbanks.

Donath Motor Worx Sportsman Dash-For-Cash  1. 32 Ryan Shanahan, 2. 1R David Rogers, 3. 64 Tyler Corcoran, 4. 18G Justin Gadbaw, 5. 410 Mike Fowler, 6. 2x Mike Amell.