Tyler Murray Scores First Land of Legends Triumph – DTD Exclusive


CANANDAIGUA, NY – Tyler Murray from Warners, NY earned his first win at the “Land of Legends” on night five of DIRTcar Racing’s OktoberFAST at the Land of Legends Raceway in Canandaigua on Saturday night for the Racing Electronics DIRTcar Sportsman.

Murray and Dalton Martin led the field to the green flag for their 30-lap event with Zach Sobotka using his Land of Legends track knowledge to his advantage as he took the lead away before the end of the opening lap. Genesee Speedway Track Champion Cameron Tuttle slowed on the top side of turn one to bring out the caution on lap two.

The following restart would see Sobotka take off in the lead as Murray and Martin battled for second, with Alan Fink racing in fourth. 2020 Land of Legends track champion Matt Guerreri worked his way into the top five on lap seven. Before the halfway mark, Sobotka would start to enter lap traffic, while also maintaining a straightaway lead.

After a lap 21 caution, Murray was able to be on the back nerf bar of Sobotka. Prior to the caution, Sobotka had over a four-second lead at one point. Murray gave chase to Sobotka over the last nine circuits around the Canandaigua half-mile oval.

Going into the final set of corners, Murray used the slide job to get the win in over Sobotka in what was an instant classic at the “Land of Legends.” Alan Fink rounded out the podium. Friday night’s winner at Can-Am Speedway Kevin Root finished in fourth and Nick Guerreri completed the top five.

Front-row starter Dalton Martin finished in sixth, with Matt Janczuk, Matt Guererri, Garrison Krentz, and Adam Pierson completed the top ten.

“We struggled at Fulton and we threw everything at it, including the kitchen sink,” stated Murray. “We’ve had some good runs here at Land of Legends and am glad that we came out and won tonight.

“Winning our first Super DIRTcar Series race here is exciting. Racing against Alan (Fink), Matt (Janczuk), and Kevin (Root), those guys are some of the best in the business and just really excited to get a win,” Murray said.

“We got off to a pretty rough start to the week but running here (Land of Legends) all season long helped,” said runner-up finisher Sobotka. “We had a good car all night, but I just drove it too easy on the last lap.  I just entered the corner wrong and he (Murray) got under me. He drove a great race, and it definitely sucks losing the race like that. I really didn’t want that caution to come out.”

The six-days known as OktoberFAST will come to a close on Sunday night at the Weedsport Speedway.

Racing Electronics Sportsman Series ($5,585)
*Feature (30 laps): 1. 1m-TYLER MURRAY ($1,000), 2. 38-Zach Sobotka, 3. 8-Alan Fink, 4. 34-Kevin Root, 5. 25g-Nick Guererri, 6. 132-Dalton Martin, 7. 33x-Matt Janczuk, 8. 12g-Matt Guererri, 9. 56-Garrison Krentz, 10. 15-Adam Pierson, 11. 1s-Justin Stone, 12. 92-Andrew Buff, 13. 82s-Will Shields, 14. 5-Brian Krummel, 15. 19c-Brandon Carvey, 16. 5s-Tanner Siemons, 17. 7z-Zach Payne, 18. 64-Tyler Corcoran, 19. 08-Jack Speshock, 20. 22-Noah Walker, 21. 9r-Jonathan Reid, 22. 1f-A.J. Lloyd, 23. 6-Cody Manitta, 24. 20km-Matt Steffenhagen, 25. 7s-Torrey Stoughtenger, 26. 32-Ryan Shanahan, 27. 90-Nathan Peckham, 28. 19L-Joe Williams , 29. 35t-Cameron Tuttle, 30. 80x-Cody Wolfe.

Heats (8 laps / 3 Qualify / Top-2 redraw)

#1: Sobotka, Krummel, Krentz, Pierson, Susice, Shanahan, Dolbear, Borkenhagen, Harris, Tresidder, Richner.

#2: Fink, Root, Reid, Corcoran, Steffenhagen, Hoxie, Heywood, Germinio, Grignon, Stevens, Gray.

#3: Stone, Speshock, Walker, Carvey, Cayea, George, Lafler, Bublak, Nies, Thurston, Nutting.

#4: M.Guererri, Manitta, Wolfe, Lloyd, Peckham, Tuttle, Custodi, Boisclair, Arquiett, Falter, Moden.

#5: Buff, Janczuk, Stoughtenger, Siemons, A.Payne, Dwyer, F.Guererri, Gosek, Buono, Green, LeGrow.

#6: Murray, D.Martin, N.Guererri, Williams, Shields, Z.Payne, B.Martin, Pavlick, Castell, Leone, Snyder.

Last Chance Showdowns (10 laps / 4 qualify)

#1: Corcoran, Pierson, Steffenhagen, Shanahan, Heywood, Hoxie, Dolbear, Grignon, Harris, Tresidder, Stevens, Germinio, Richner, Gray, Susice, Borkenhagen.

#2: Carvey, Lloyd, Peckham, Tuttle, Cayea, Custodi, Boisclair, George, Moden, Lafler, Thurston, LeGrow, Bublak, Nies(DNS), Arquiett(DNS), Nutting(DNS).

#3: Williams, Shields, Siemons, Z.Payne, Dwyer, F.Guererri, Buono, B.Martin, Snyder, A.Payne, Castell, Gosek, Green, Pavlick(DNS), Leone(DNS), LeGrow(DNS).

Group Time Trials (3 laps / 66 cars)

#1: Zach Sobotka 19.446 sec. (92.446 mph), Brian Krummel, Ryan Shanahan, Adam Pierson, Austin Susice, Garrison Krentz, Kyle Richner(dsq), Derrick Borkenhagen, Ryan Dolbear, Brian Harris, R.J. Tresidder.

#2: Alan Fink 19.513 sec. (92.246 mph), Kevin Root, Jonathan Reid, Austin Germinio, Tyler Corcoran, Matt Steffenhagen, Kevin Stevens, Nick Heywood, Bentley Gray, Sam Hoxie, Dan Grignon.

#3: Justin Stone 19.345 sec. (93.047 mph), Jack Speshock, Zachary George, Noah Walker, Robert Bublak Jr., Brandon Carvey, Daryl Nutting, Tim Lafler, Chris Cayea, Tim Nies, Chris Thurston.

#4: Matt Guererri 19.476 sec. (92.421 mph), Cody Manitta, Nathan Peckham, Cody Wolfe, Andrew Lloyd, Cameron Tuttle, David Boisclair III, A.J. Custodi, Zach Arquiett, Tim Falter, Jordan Moden(-NT-).

#5: Andrew Buff 19.684 sec. (91.445 mph), Matt Janczuk, Alex Payne, Torrey Stoughtenger, Tanner Siemons, Tim Dwyer, Brett Buono, Frank Guererri Jr., Travis Green, Joe Gosek, Delbert LeGrow Sr.

#6: Tyler Murray 19.566 sec. (91.996 mph), Dalton Martin, Joe Williams, Brett Martin, Nick Guererri, Will Shields, Casey Pavlick, Zach Payne, Cory Castell, Rocco Leone, Greg Snyder(-NT-).

SuperGen Products with Champion Power Equipment Prizes ($920.20)
Fast Time Award $250: Justin Stone
2nd-Fast Time Award $100: Zach Sobotka
Last Chance Showdown (1st Non-Qualifier) $100: Nick Heywood
Hard Luck Award $250: Delbert LeGrow Sr.
Hard Charger Bonus $100: Nick Guererri
Leader Lap 19 Bonus $20.20: Zach Sobotka
Most Laps Led Without Winning $100: Zach Sobotka

DNQ: 00-Sam Hoxie, 00g-Joe Gosek, 02-David Boisclair III, 07-Brian Harris, 1a-Tim Dwyer, 2-Chris Thurston, 9-Bentley Gray, 10g-Austin Germinio, 10x-Cory Castell, 14-Zack Arquiett, 18-Chris Cayea, 18p-Casey Pavlick, 21r-R.J. Tresidder, 25-Derrick Borkenhagen, 26-Kyle Richner, 28-Jordan Moden, 29-Nick Heywood, 31-Tim Lafler, 31b-Ryan Dolbear, 38-Kevin Stevens, 42-Daryl Nutting, 42d-Dan Grignon, 54g-Greg Snyder, 64b-Brett Buono, 66-Brett Martin, t69-Travis Green, 70a-Alex Payne, 71-Tim Falter, 71L-Delbert LeGrow Sr., 75-A.J. Custodi, 81-Austin Susice, 86n-Tim Nies, 87-Rocco Leone, 113jr.-Frank Guererri Jr., 126-Zachary George, 997-Robert Bublak Jr.