Yoder Take Top Honors at Clinton County Speedway

MILL HALL, PA – Jim Yoder of Selinsgrove secured his 17th career victory at the Clinton County Speedway on Friday night. AY Schilling of Linden won the Pro Stocks, Cody Seigel won the 270 Micro Sprints, Travis McClelland won the Central PA Legends and Scott Englert won the 4 Cylinders.

Tim Luben of Mill Hall and Bellefonte’s JR Toner led the field of Limited Late Models to the start of the 25-lap main event. Toner quickly grabbed the lead with Jeremy Ohl and Nick Loffredo running second and third. Loffredo took the second spot by the completion of lap number three. Jim Yoder, who started fifth moved into the third spot on lap number four and took the second spot by the sixth circuit. Yoder closed in on Toner and took the lead by the completion of lap number 8, as eighth place starter Ben Whitaker began to work his way toward the front from his eighth place starting spot.

At the midway point, Yoder led Toner, Whitaker, Loffredo and Dan Zechman. Toner and Whitaker battled for the runner up post, with Whitaker taking second on lap number 13. Toner reclaimed the second spot on lap number 16. Yoder began to encounter lapped traffic on lap number 21, with Toner, Whitaker, Zechman and Joe Lusk now in the top five. In the final laps, Yoder had a sizeable lead and held on for the win over Toner and Whitaker. Lusk secured the fourth spot and Zechman finished fifth. Matt Cochran was sixth, Loffredo was seventh, Ohl was eighth, Maddox Smith was ninth and Denny Fourney finished tenth. Heat races were won by Ohl and Toner.

In the Pro Stock feature, Rich Fye of Lock Haven and Noah Kissinger brought the field to the green flag. Fye led the first three circuits before fourth place starter Cory Long of Selinsgrove took the lead. AY Schilling of Linden moved into second on lap number five, while Fye was third followed by Noah Jensen and Kissinger. On lap number 7, Long spun in turn two allowing Schilling to take the lead. Following the restart, Jensen moved into second place and tried to chase down Schilling. Schilling claimed the win over Jensen, Fye, Brandon Moser and Kissinger. Sixth through tenth were Kris Orwig, Long, Todd Geyer and Austin Hulsizer. Heats were won by Moser and Kissinger.

Logan Hammaker and Mac Wert started on the front row of the 270 Micro Sprint feature. By the completion of lap number one, sixth place starter Cody Siegel found his way to the front. Two laps later, the caution flag waved for a 2-car incident in turn number four. Track official called Siegel for a jump on the initial start and put him back two places for the restart, giving the lead to Logan Hammaker. Hammaker led until lap number 7, when Siegel regained the top spot. Nick Whitesel worked his way up from the seventh position into second place by lap number eight, as Cory Stabley, Shawn Musser and Hammaker were running the top five. Siegel had a strong car all night and went on to claim his first win of the year. Whitesel was second followed by Hammaker, Stabley and Musser. Sixth through tenth were Bobby Sanso, Mac Wert, Evan Dickey, Hunter Zimmerman and Jeffrey Weaver. Heats were won by Sigel and Weaver.

The Central PA Legends made their first return to the speedway since 2010. Choya Young and Scott Houdeshell led the field to the start. Houdeshell took command of the field, as the Legends raced into turns one and two. By lap number five, Houdeshell maintained a lead while Bob Stough, Travis Mcclellern and Tyler Kaylor battled within the top five. On lap number eight, Mcclellern took over the runner up position. On lap number 14, Mcclellern made the winning pass around Houdeshell. The caution waved on the white flag lap, creating a last lap dash with the top five all in contention for the win. At the finish, Mcclellern was the victor over Houdeshell, Stough Young and Kaylor. Sixth through tenth were Scott Musselman, Zax Baxter, Reegan McGrew, Grady McGrew and Vincent Wenrich. Heats were won by McClelland and Chris Transau.

Tyler Stahl led the first lap of the four-cylinder feature event. Cody Maines took the top spot by lap number two. By lap number five, Maines lead Scott Englert, Stahl Anthony Potter and Zack Kline. Potter took the third spot on lap number seven. With two laps to go, Englert passed Maines for the lead. Maines tried to pass him back but came up short at the finish line. Following Englert and Maines was Zack Kline, Potter and Stahl. Sixth through tenth were Chloe Smith, Andrew Ricketts, Blake Snyder, Tim Muthler and Matt Weaver. Heat races were won by Smith and Hunter Flook.

The Clinton County Speedway will feature the RaceSaver Sprint cars next Friday presented by Werner Fuels. Also on the program will be the Pro Stocks, 270 Micros, 600 Micros and the Four Cylinders. Gates will open at 5PM and Racing begins at 7PM.

Friday’s race be the last tune up before the big two-day show coming up on July 1st and 2nd. The July 1 race will be the founders cup honoring speedway founders Tedd Reitz and Del Shank. Then on July 2nd, the Sprints will compete in the annual Nittany 40 paying $1,000 to win as well as the 270 Micro Nationals paying $1,000 to win. Pro Stocks and Four Cylinders will compete on both days and the 600 Micros will be part of the Friday Show. July 2nd will also feature fireworks.

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Limited Late Models: 1. Jim Yoder 2. JR Toner 3. Ben Whitker 4. Joe Lusk 5. Dan Zechman 6. Matt Cochran 7. Nick Loffredo 8. Jeremy Ohl 9. Maddox Smith 10. Denny Fourney 11. Tim Luben 12. Jennifer Lesher 13. Len Stroud Jr. 14. Kyle Strouse.

Pro Stocks: 1. AY Schilling 2. Noah Jensen 3. Rich Fye 4. Brandon Moser 5. Noah Kissinger 6. Kris Orwig Sr. 7. Cory Long 8. Todd Geyer 9. Austin Hulsizer DNS Robert Tressler, Johnny Bouse.

270 Micro Sprints:1. Cody Siegel 2. Nick Whitesel 3. Logan Hammaker 4. Cory Stabley 5. Shaun Musser 6. Bobby Sanso 7. Mac Wert 8. Evan Dickey 9. Hunter Zimmerman 10. Jeffrey Weaver 11. Troy Whitesel 12. Steve Fernberg DNS Tom Quiggle.

Central PA Legends 1. Travis McClelland 2. Scott Houdeshell 3. Bob Strough 4. Choya Young 5. Tyler Kaylor 6. Scott Musselman 7. Zac Baxter 8. Teagan McGrew 9. Grady McGrew 10. Vincent Wennrich 11. Dave Benner 12. Chris Transau 13. Hunter McElroy 14. Tanner Jones 15. Logan Carbaugh 16. Andrea John DNS Eric Hurst

4 Cylinders: 1. Scott Englert 2. Coty Maines 3. Zack Kline 4. Anthony Potter 5. Tyler Stahl 6. Chole Smith 7. Andrew Rickets 8. Blake Snyder 9. Tim Muthler 10. Matt Weaver 11. Troy Bennett 12. Nick Snook 13. Toby Maines 14. Bryun Hackenberg 15. Terry Karichner 16. Shawn Stahl 17. Donald Wynn 18. Jon Stringfellow 19. Hunter Flook 20. Hanna Johnson 21. Jake Winchester 22. Tim Tenetek.