Yoder Earns Career 21st at Clinton County

MILL HALL, PA – Andrew Yoder of Selinsgrove battled for his 21st career victory on Friday night at the Clinton County Speedway in the Limited Late Model division.  Brandon Moser held off Tommy Dawson at the line to win the Pro Stocks, while Jeffrey Weaver won the 270s Micros and Blake Snyder won the Four Cylinders event.

Andrew Yoder and JR Toner started on the front row of the 25 lap feature event.  Yoder took top postion and battled with Toner for the first three circuits.   Fifth place starter, Devin Frey moved into the runner up postion on lap number four and began to chase down Yoder.  Yoder and Frey were in a contested battle for the lead with the duo racing side by side down the straight aways and Yoder edging out Frey at the start-finish line.  By lap number ten, Yoder was leading Frey, Matt Cochran, Kyle Lear, and Cody Lear.

On lap number twelve Cochran passed Frey for second.  The top three ran battled hard for the top postion with Yoder continuing to hold the lead at the starters stand.  On lap number 18, the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic.   Yoder and Cochran ran the top side of the speedway while Frey committed to the bottom.  A caution occurred on lap number 20, when Daniel Garrett spun in front of the race leaders.   The restart with five laps remaining, had Yoder leading Cochran, Frey, Kyle Lear and Cody Lear.

Cody Lear moved into the fourth spot on lap number 21, with Joe Lusk claiming fifth on lap number 23.   Cochran took one more shot at Yoder on the final lap but was unable to get around Yoder.   Yoder claimed the win with Cochran finishing second, Frey was third, Cody Lear was fourth and Lusk rounded out the top five.  Sixth through tenth were Kyle Lear, Matt Adams, Eric Irvin, Denny Fourney and JR Toner.   Heat races were won by Irvin, Denny Fourney and JR Toner.   Heat races were won by Yoder and Kyle Lear.

“That was a great race,” said an excited Yoder in victory lane.  “Frey and I raced each other hard and clean.  The track was awesome tonight, and this is going to be a great place for the start of the Appalachian Super Late Model Speedweek in a few weeks.  Hopefully we can start Speedweek off with another win to give us momentum.”

Tommy Dawson and Cory Long started on the front row of the Pro Stock main event.  Dawson led the first lap, with Brandon Moser, Johnny Bouse and Noah Kissinger running in the top four.   Moser passed Dawson for the lead by the completion of lap number two.  But Dawson didn’t let Moser out of his sights and contested for the win the entire race.   Johnny Bouse moved into second on lap number four while Dawson passed his back on the follow lap.  The top three were challenging for the lead, lap after lap with Moser leading each lap by mere inches.  Moser committed to the top side of the speedway, while Dawson used the low side around the track.   Moser edged out Dawson by fractions of a second to claim his first win of the year.   Dawson was second, Bouse was third, Long was Fourth and Noah Kissinger was fifth.  Dawson won the qualifier.

Jeffrey Weaver advanced from the third starting spot to take the lead of the 12 lap 270 Micro Sprint feature.   The event went non-stop with Weaver leading every lap.   Cory Stabley battled with Mac Wert for the runner up postion.  Wert took second on lap number 10, shuffling Stabley back to third.   Completing the top five. were Logan Hammaker and Jillian Maurer.  Weaver set a new 12 lap track record with a time of 2:58.296, breaking a record set back in 1994 by the late Blaise “BR” Alexander.

Zak Kline, who started third, took the lead in the four cylinder feature event.   Michael Barrett ran in second, while Chris Small was third.   Further back in the back, cars battled two and three wide for postion.  At the halfway point, Kline continued to lead Barrett.  Skylar Phillips, who started seventh was up to third with Blake Snyder and Adam Harris in the top five.   Phillips took second place on lap number 7 as Snyder moved into third place.   Snyder took second place on lap number 11.  On the final lap, Kline’s car slowed coming out of turn four allowing Snyder to take the victory over Phillips, Kyler Stahl, Chloe Smith and Adam Harris.  Sixth through tenth were Barrett, Small, Zak Kline, Troy Bennett and Joey Snook.  Heat races were won by Phillips and Bennett.

The Clinton County Speedway returns with racing action this coming Friday night, June 2nd with a four division show featuring the RaceSaver Sprint Cars, the Pro Stocks, the 270 Micros and the Four Cylinders presented by Werner Fuels.  Gates open at 5PM, Hotlaps at 7PM, Racing at 7:30PM.  For the latest speedway information visit the speedway online at clintoncountyspeedway.com or on social media channels including Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

Limited Late Models: 1. Andrew Yoder 2. Matt Cochran 3. Devin Frey 4. Cody Lear 5. Joe Lusk 6. Kyle Lear 7. Matt Adams 8. Eric Evans 9. Denny Fourney 10. JR Toner 11. Jeremy Ohl 12. Daniel Garrett 13. Jennifer Lesher 14. Maddox Smith DNS Nick Loffredo, Dan Condo, Joe Loffredo

Pro Stocks: 1. Brandon Moser 2. Tommy Dawson 3. Johnny Bouse 4. Cory Long 5. Noah Kissinger 6. Marc Bitler 7. Rich Fye 8. Blake Snyder DNS Kris Orwig.

270 Micro Sprints: 1. Jeffrey Weaver, 2. Mac Wert 3. Cory Stabley 4. Logan Hammaker 5. Jillian Maurer 6. Tom Quiggle DNS Evan Dickey

Four Cylinders: 1. Blake Snyder 2. Skylar Phillips 3. Kyler Stahl 4. Chole Smith 5. Adam Harris 6. Michael Barrett 7. Chris Small 8. Zak Kline 9 Troy Bennett 10. Joey Snook 11. Coty Maines 12. Tim Tenetek 13. Garrett Lucas 14. Toby Maines 15. Johnny Stringfellow 16 Brett Shirk 17. Matt Weaver DNS Hunter Flook, Tim Muthler