Ferrier a Bridesmaid; Creeden and Krummel Put in Solid Efforts at Accord – DTD Exclusive


Ken Ferrier has started the 2017 season strong.  On Friday night the Middletown, N.Y., driver scored his second runner-up finish of the season.  He was in the hunt right up until before being forced to settled for second.

“I’m happy with second,” mentioned the 50-year-old driver. “I was second two weeks ago so we are right there. We need a little more speed. Second is good. It was a good run. The car was really hooked up.”

Ferrier got to the back bumper of eventual winner Jimmy Wells, but it seemed each time he went to make a move traffic just didn’t pan out. While Wells was magnificent in traffic, Ferrier just couldn’t catch a break. It definitely cost him a shot at the win.

“We got in lapped traffic there and a couple times I was able to pull up on him, but he got the break and was able to get by,” commented Ferrier. “Then I got caught up. It’s one of them catch 22 things where you catch the guy, you don’t know where that guy is going to go after the leader passes him. He thinks he’s free and doesn’t realize the second place guy is back there.”


Danny Creeden made a late charge to score the third position in the final rundown. Creeden was patient throughout the 30-lap feature as he was waiting for a caution. Unfortunately for him, it never came. He made a nice move in the final laps to take third away from Joe Judge before the checkered flag.

“It bit me in ass,” joked Creeden about his patience. “You try to be patient. I think that’s one thing I feel like I’ve gotten better at as a driver at being patient. We got rolling then I looked up and we were halfway, then I saw lap 20. I figured at that point we weren’t getting a yellow.  By then it’s too late.”

Creeden found the top to be the preferred groove for his Bedell Racing Engines HigFab. He dove to the bottom a few times in an effort to advance his position, but as soon as he could he got back up to ride the top.

“Everyone is up around the outside, everyone’s rim riding,” said the driver of the Shakelton NAPA/Smoker’s Choice No. 16x. “The place is kind of slippery. We parked our 750 horsepower small-block and brought our spec head just because the way the track is. Gary’s (Palmer) busting his ass to get stuff done. Tonight we needed a yellow with about 10 to go. When I was fourth I was good on the top. We needed a yellow there. It went green to checkered which is good.”


Brian Krummel continued his strong finishes on Friday at Accord Speedway as he nabbed a fifth place finish after starting 11th. The Middletown, N.Y., driver made the bottom lane around the track work while everyone was elected to run hard around the top of the speedway.

“I felt really good,” mentioned Krummel. “Last week most everyone was halfway up or more and no one was on the bottom. I got to try and figure out a way to get around the bottom. I think we did a really good job with no cautions. I passed six or seven cars so that’s a good race.”

Confidence is high right now for Krummel. That confidence should only help him get better as the season moves forward. Friday he had another great car which allowed him to come to the front. He’s hoping to learn what his car likes so he can continue to be successful at Accord.

“We had a great race,” he said. “I wish I could do that every time I put my helmet on. I’ve been on a little bit of a roll the last four or five weeks. The car was really good. We’ve been playing around with minor adjustments. The track has been pretty consistent this year. So far so good. We are just trying to get tuned up for the big money races here. They’ve got three or four shows that pay pretty good.”


23 Modifieds were pit-side for Friday night’s racing program…

Accord joined only Afton Motorsports Park as the only two tracks in the state of New York to run Modifieds on Friday night. Everyone else was forced to call it a night due to weather…

Wells, Scott and Ken Ferrier earned heat race wins on Friday…