Drivers React After Oswego Speedway Practice – DTD Exclusive


To say the practice held at the Oswego Speedway on Thursday was a success is an understatement. After the well-documented issues last year, the racing surface held up in a big way during the three-hour session that saw cars on track nearly constantly.

GARY TOMKINS: “Right now, it’s very good. Smooth, but a little dirty getting into one and three on the outside, but only because there’s not many cars out there right now. But, exiting two and exiting four there’s multiple grooves to run. It’s to the point where you can move around, and fast too, it’s amazing how fast this place is.”

JIMMY PHELPS: “The track is actually really, really good. Really good. I’m not sure that we’re quite happy with where we’re at with our car, but the track is nice. For the track, I’m excited, relieved might be the better term.”

DAVE MARCUCCILLI: “It’s way better. As far as being smooth, it’s definitely way better than last year and we’re going to see a real good show next week. Once the track widens out, which it is already with what few cars are out there. Come next weekend, I think you’ll see guys next to the outside wall, guys on the bottom, and just able to run all over.

MAX McLAUGHLIN: “It’s a lot better than last year. I’m happy to be here, I like this track a ton and we got a fast racecar here with us tonight. I’m really, really looking forward to this big show coming up.”

JESSICA POWER: “It was great. It was smooth and fast. I thought it dried out a fair bit, but it was still very good.”

JASON SIMMONS (Tyler Thompson’s car owner): “Fast and smooth.  There’s gonna be some great racing there this year.”

MIKE WELCH: “Perfect!”

Enthusiasm was high for all in attendance. With the popular word of the night being “good,” the stage is set for an amazing week of racing at Oswego.

Quick time of the night went to Jimmy Phelps with a lap of 19.5. Four Modifieds, six Sportsman, and a Pro Stock all took to the track.

Bill Foley also contributed to this report.