Mary Meier; The Biggest Cheerleader – DTD Exclusive


It was Thursday night under the lights and Tommy Meier was about to roll out in his feature. Nothing about this is unusual because its been going on for decades but if you asked Mary Meier, she was a nervous wreck inside.

“I get nervous every time he goes out,” Mary said. “You would think after all these years and all these races I would be used to it. I would say that if you weren’t nervous about him going out there that would be more alarming.”

Each time Tommy ran by turns three and four at the Orange County Fair Speedway, Mary would wave a coat, or a flag or anything for that matter and run towards the direction that Tommy was racing. Yelling, rooting, willing him to the front. Every team needs a cheerleader and Tommy not only has his biggest cheerleader but his most important. His wife.

After nearly 30 years of marriage and racing, raising several kids who have turned out to be ace students in their own right, they embody what it is to be the all American family.

It is the greatest known secret that if your a member of the media, or you have an acquaintance with The Meiers, you are always welcome to take a cold drink, a cup of coffee and lets not talk about the spread of food that is put out each week. You could feed the whole pit area and still have food left over.

The Meiers are fixtures at Orange County and we at have enjoyed their hospitality for years and we hope to enjoy for years more to come.

Look for Tommy to be a factor today in the 358 feature race.