Perrotte Talks Home Track Points; Super DIRTcar Series Weekend Events and More – DTD Exclusive


Mike Perrotte, Director of Series and Sanctioning for DIRTcar Northeast, took time on the final night of the DIRTcar Nationals to discuss the many changes that will take place for the 2018 season for the Super DIRTcar Series.  This includes getting rid of home track points, the addition of weekend series events and other changes to the schedule.

In regards to home track points, Perrotte spoke about the reasoning behind the decision to not make your home track points count toward the Super DIRTcar Series. Those points have been a mainstay for the series for several years.

“Well, there are several reasons actually, we’ve been working on this for a while,” commented Perrotte. “First of all, times have changed. There aren’t so many professional racers anymore, professional crews, so it makes real hard to do a lot of series races and weekend races as well. We decided to make it just series points like just about every other series in the country. Guys can still run weekend races if they want to, but they can focus on the series which should make it a lot easier and hopefully attract more guys to follow to the series or make more events.”

He also indicated that for the most part the reaction to the change was a positive one from the drivers.

“90 percent were (happy),” he said. “We had a few guys that still liked the home track point thing because they win their home track points and its more points for them. For the most part everyone was in favor of it. That’s where a lot of it came from, the teams asking and saying it’s just too much work.”

Not only did the series get rid of home track points, but they also returned to weekend Super DIRTcar Series events. It was something that happened several years ago but was scrapped. Now it returns with events at places like Weedsport Speedway and Lebanon Valley Speedway among others.

“Primarily the reason for that is the tracks think they can do better with a series weekend race,” mentioned Perrotte. “Whereas before they were doing a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and that would hurt the following event. They would either take that off or not do well with it. They wanted to try that. They wanted to have one big event for that week, do better with it then have one real good event then have one that wasn’t as good or could possibly be a loser.”

Besides weekend events being added, the series also won’t be returning to Eldora Speedway or Sharon Speedway in 2018. Eldora management went a different direction this season with the Eldora Dirt Derby adding a more local division to the truck event. Although Eldora was good exposure for the Modifieds, the trip was brutal for teams as they had a mini hell tour where they had to go to Ohio before weekend racing then heading to Quebec.

“That was a tough trip,” stated Perrotte. “We loved being there and it was great going there and we’d love to be there again. They made schedule changes with different divisions and changed things up. It will certainly make life a lot easier for touring guys that had to go there for three or four days that week, then come home and run their weekend then go right back to Canada from one extreme to another. July, especially how hot it is, it’s going to be easier, more manageable, but we certainly liked going there.”

Lastly, Perrotte was asked about the DIRTcar Nationals car count which saw 45 different drivers compete over the course of the four nights of racing action. It’s been a long time since that many cars headed south to compete at Volusia Speedway Park.

“I think it’s a record number,” cited Perrotte. “I expected between 40 and 45 just from the feedback I got. Not everyone was in contact, I expected that. I’m super happy that we had the number of cars. It’s been a dream DIRTcar Nationals. The weather has been awesome, the track has been good and everyone is good, no complaints. Everything has been going really well.”

Now that the DIRTcar Nationals are the in the books, the full-point season for the Super DIRTcar Series begins at the Fulton Speedway on Saturday, April 28 with the High Bank Holdup.