Montieth and Rahmer on the Podium; Lincoln Speedway Notes – DTD Exclusive

Lincoln Speedway - 21 Brian Montieth, 51 Freddie Rahmer Jr.


Brian Montieth didn’t get his third consecutive Lincoln Speedway win, but the Phoenixville, Pa., driver captured his second runner-up finish of the weekend Saturday night. Montieth made a go of it late but was forced to settle for the second spot as he watched Tyler Esh race to his first ever Lincoln win.

Montieth, who started mid-pack, had an opportunity late when the caution came out with three laps to go while in the number two spot. He stayed with Esh on the restart, but like Friday night, he couldn’t get close enough to pull the potential slide job. He had to be happy with second.

“He (Esh) was just a little bit better than us,” commented Montieth. “We just weren’t that good like last night. We were just off that little bit. In Central Pennsylvania if you are off that little bit you are going to finish second. My hat’s off to Tyler, he did a hell of a job.”

The track was heavy with the cushion about midway up the racing surface. Normally that is a track that fits Montieth’s style. On this night it wasn’t far enough up for Montieth to really get rolling.

“The track was a little narrow,” he said. “I would have liked to see it a lane higher, just to make life a little easier trying to pass. I think everyone drove a pretty good race. We were just short again.”

Rahmer Rights the Ship

It’s been a tough start to the 2018 campaign for Freddie Rahmer. The only luck the Salfordville, Pa., driver has had is bad luck. On Saturday night he finally had a quality run as he finished right behind Esh and Montieth in the final rundown.

“The way things have been going we need a couple good runs,” stated Rahmer. “I was pretty happy. We were easily good enough to win there, but that’s the way it works out. We got to piece it back together. You can’t go from the way we’ve been, not that we haven’t been fast, to winning right away. It’s a step in the right direction.

“I have confidence in our car and everyone that helps us. We’ll get right back to it. Last night we had bad luck, somebody turned around. Some of it has been self-inflicted and some of it has been bad luck. We’ll get through it.”

Rahmer had an intense back and forth battle with Montieth. Montieth kept Rahmer at bay before solidifying the runner-up position.

“I don’t even know if it was mistake,” cited Rahmer about the battle with Montieth. “It was just the way the positioning was. Whoever gets there first is the difference. I thought he was going to win race and depending on how it played out I’d be right behind him. It was a good night. It was fun racing with Brian. He never touches a car. For as on edge as he is he never touches anyone.”

Lincoln Leftovers

Dan Shetler’s night ended in qualifying action as he was running in the top five in his heat. A small puff of smoke came out of the No. 7k. He pulled pit-side and did not return to action in the feature…

Cole Young did an impressive job of not getting into the first turn wall at the start of the feature. He got a left rear flat coming off of the fourth turn to the green flag. The car hopped several times in turns one and two before coming to a rest on all four wheels with a left rear flat…

Glendon Forsythe collected Gerard McIntyre to be the final caution of the feature with three laps to go. Forsythe got up over the cushion in turn one with McIntyre making heavy contact as he came to a rest in the second corner. Neither driver was able to continue…

Friday night’s action finished up at the Williams Grove Speedway with temperatures in the 50s, unfortunately Saturday the first green flag came with temperatures in the low 40s. The Lincoln Speedway staff ran the show off quickly with minimal downtime throughout the program.