Allison Ricci – My Racing Influences – DTD EXCLUSIVE


My biggest influence growing up would definitely be my dad Rich Ricci Jr. Watching him race at Accord Speedway and Lebanon Valley Speedway  when I was growing up on Friday and Saturday nights always made me want to race.

Being in the garage with him every night taught me that getting your hands dirty didn’t mean you weren’t a girl but your were self driven and did everything for yourself.

My dad also taught me that even going through the toughest times in racing you never give up and just move on to the next week hoping for a better outcome. He taught me how to always look ahead and to be patient and not rush and that your time will come!

Another influence I should say would be my uncle Mike Ricci.  He always taught me not to take any crap from the boys and as many of you probably know he uses his front bumper a lot.

One more main influence that I really look up to would be my grandfather Rich Ricci Sr. If it wasn’t for him I think none of us would be racing, he was the start of it all and still is the driving force as crew chief to my dad, me, my brother, Jimmy and Uncle Mike. He is always there to help no matter what.

A major lesson I take  from these influences today into my racing is to never take anything for granted and always push to success and you will have good outcomes.

One funny story I have from my influences is that my dad said to me the day that I pass him in the race track and beat him, is the day the curtain goes up in the garage and your on your own. I guess I should take that as a compliment but I still haven’t beat him yet.  I’m hoping that day will come though.
I hope I can influence all the girls in racing by encouraging the younger girls to get involved in racing more!