358 Modified Series Set to Invade Cornwall and Mohawk – DTD Exclusive


The next two rounds of the 358 Modified series is set to visit Cornwall Motor Speedway followed by Mohawk International Raceway this coming weekend, which could change the players in the points’ chase.

With the first two rounds of the 358 DIRTcar series in the history books, it is clear that several teams took advantage of the doubleheader, compiling some good points during their races at Can-Am and Fulton.

Mat Williamson from St. Catherines, Ontario, came out on top, capturing a third place finish at Can-Am, followed by a win at Fulton. The Williamson team were not planning to follow the 358 series due conflicts with other events. But things have since changed.

“We will try and run as many of the series races possible now that we have had some good results after the first two rounds. It will be difficult to make all the series races, but with any luck, we will continue to get good results as in the first two racing. Things should work out in the end as some of the other teams are in the same boat we are,” Mat Explained.

The situation is about the same at the Eric Rudolph camp as they too had some very good results at Can-Am and Fulton with two, second place finishes over the two days and is sighting in a close second place in the points. But the number 25 team is also committed to other races, which will conflict with the series. The team has said they will follow as many of the races possible and feel they have a good shot at the title because of the fact that all the top five teams are in the same boat and will miss some events.

Mike Mahaney, who walked away from the doubleheader in third place, and is in the very same situation as the two front-runners and will run whatever 358 series races they can.

Dave Marcuccilli in the one car is currently sitting in fourth and the Doctor Danny Johnson is sighting 5th, to round off the top five in points.

But Marcuccilli may have an underlying advantage in the long run as he is the only one of this group that will be running all the 358 series races.

“I will be racing in all of the series races this season. There will be a lot of traveling involved but that is the least of my problems. The main thing is that there are a lot of good drivers racing all or part of the series, so achieving good results each and every time will be tough,” explained Dave.

The 358 Series will now head off to the Cornwall Motor Speedway on Sunday, July 14, followed by Mohawk International Raceway on Monday, July 15.

This second doubleheader in the series could give the front-runners a breakaway outcome from the rest of the pack if the top five end up once again with good results. But this time there will be some different players joining the group. Never to be underestimated, the Quebec contingent will be all on hand for these two races and if you go by past history, there will certainly be a change in the dynamics of the points’ battle after these two races.