Hearn Solid on Opening Night of World Finals – DTD Exclusive


Brett Hearn has made very few appearances in 2021, but when the black No. 20 has unloaded, Hearn has been solid. After qualifying at the top of his group, Hearn won his heat and finished eighth in Friday’s 40-lap feature for the Super DIRTcar Series.

“It’s totally difficult to show up without the seat time most of these guys have,” Hearn said. “You don’t have the seat time to know exactly how you want your car to feel. I haven’t had my mind completely wrapped around setup stuff like I used to, so it’s a lot of leaning on other people. Luckily, we did a couple tests over the summer and I made them throw some things at the car, and that’s helped us make strides in the right direction for the late season races.”

Hearn’s races have been spread out this year, including Volusia, Bristol, Oswego, and Charlotte. One common denominator between those listed tracks is Modifieds only visit the venues once a season, meaning no home court advantage for anyone.

“I feel like we had a top five run in the making at Oswego before we broke twice,” Hearn noted. “We went and ran fourth in the champions invitational race at Orange County during Eastern States, and felt pretty good last night. I picked the races I picked this year because they’re all on relatively neutral ground, so nobody has a major upper hand and it makes it a little easier to jump back into it.”

Hearn has toned his schedule down in the last few years, from racing all week to just a handful of special events this year. However, Hearn doesn’t have any solidified plans for the future or a target number of races for 2022.

“I’m not sure, I’m just taking things race by race,” Hearn stated. “I don’t want to race if I’m not competitive, there’s just no sense to it at that point. As long as we can come to events like this and be competitive throughout the night, I will still definitely want to do it.”