Bridgeport Motorsports Park Offers Unique Opportunity for Sponsors, Teams and Fans – DTD Exclusive


Bridgeport Motorsports Park is once again is thinking of its fans as it will offer a unique experience to both the teams and the fans in 2022. Bridgeport promoter Doug Rose is offering pit parking for on the grand stage so the fans can have an opportunity to see the teams at work as they prepare their race car for the night’s activities.

“We have set up an area behind the grandstands at the turn 4 end near the concession stand,” explained Rose. This area is roped off to allow fans to get close, but still give the teams the freedom to work on their car. This pit is also paved, making it an ideal area for that race team. We want to encourage all of our race teams to take advantage of this cool opportunity to showcase their team in front of all of our great race fans.”

A team can make use this preferred pit parking to showcase its sponsor for the night’s events and with the exposure Flo Racing gives Bridgeport Motorsports Park, it could go a long way to bring a sponsor some business.

“This parking area is available for the sponsor of that night’s racing activities,” cited Rose. “With the popularity of Flo Racing and the viewing numbers that Bridgeport gets, sponsoring a night of racing has become very advantageous. As most know in our industry Live Streaming has become a huge part of weekly and special events. Flo Racing has given us a stage to perform that we have never had at this level. This is huge for the industry. Flo Racing is great for our sport, sponsors, racers and fans.

“Our objective is to sell every night of the racing this season. With this cool pitting area along with the Flo Racing broadcasts, it gives a sponsor and a team a great opportunity for the night.”

Bridgeport Motorsports Park continues to offer and provide cool and exciting opportunities for their race teams. Anyone wanting to take advantage of this opportunity, please reach out to Doug Rose for all the details.

In addition to the preferred pit parking listed above, Bridgeport has purchased two 10’ x 20’ tents from AARN designs to set up each week for our racer’s wives, girlfriends, and moms to set up under to sell their t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and other driver items. 

“It has always bugged me to see these ladies sitting in the sweltering sun selling shirts,” said Rose. “This will give them a first-class area to show off their cool drivers shirts.”

Under the direction of Doug and Brittany Rose, Bridgeport Motorsports Park continues to come up with very creative ideas to make a night at the track very enticing for the fans. Look for more things to be announced in the near future to make the fan experience at Bridgeport a night to remember.

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