News & Notes from the Inaugural STSS Devils Bowl 50 – DTD Excluisve


A Chamber of Commerce day with bright sun, low 70 degree temps and a gentle breeze greeted fans and competitors of the STSS series for the inaugural event at Devils Bowl Speedway.

A very happy Mike Bruno, the track promoter, was seen on his Moped throughout the day greeting spectators who were waiting in line to get in and with competitors who some had never seen the place nestled into the green mountains of Vermont just over the New York border. Bruno’s happiness was due to the weather and the fantastic fan turnout. Nearly every bleacher was full to capacity.

Stewart Friesen, fresh off his race the night before in Knoxville, Iowa, for the Camping World Truck Series showed no signs of jet lag. He flew to Charlotte and then to Albany on Sunday to get to the track. Friesen didn’t have a great day at the track. He managed just a 10th place finish with a very challenging day time track surface that was a combination of super slick icy which produced very little passing, a point in which he referenced on his Facebook page. Friesen recently picked up a new product sponsor for his truck series ride, Mothers Polish.

Danny Creeden had never raced a modified at Devils Bowl but he said, “about 25 years ago I raced a go kart here.”

Creeden is awaiting a new engine from his engine builder, Dan Bedell and still waiting for parts for his stacker trailer. Creeden utilized a small cargo trailer to get to the track on Sunday.

Creeden also had nothing but positive things to say about his Saturday night home Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, N.Y.

“The new surface is great. I was knocking down the fence up top and there was also a lower lane. Hardly any dust. It was a little icy, but you can race. Chris Larsen made the right investment in a new surface.”

Jimmy Phelps, the Baldwinsville, N.Y., driver, who is one half of the HBR team was on hand for a rare Devils Bowl appearance.

“I love this place. Its so nice, the scenery and the facility are super clean and Mike keeps the place in top shape. We love racing here. Wish we did it more.”

Phelps debuted a new LSX7 engine for the day in his No. 98H. Phelps used the special fathers day show as a sort of day at the races type of day. No points or pressure.

Demetrios Drellos was the show for the day. He won his heat race, and battled in top three for most of the race. On lap 41, he had a small bobble entering turn one. He was the meat in the sandwich between Anthony Perrego and Mat Williamson as they all battled for the second spot. Drellos was able to quickly rebound and regained his composure and managed to finish the day third.

“That was a fun race,” said Drellos. “I’ve got a few laps on this track and to come back here and race was a fun day. It was super slick but we had a fun day.”

Drellos is a former sportsman champion at Devils Bowl.

Drellos is also having fun in his first full year of competition at Fonda Speedway. Entering the weekend he was only 52 points out of the lead for the points title sitting in third place. When asked if he made the right choice to commit to Fonda for the 2022 season he was quick to answer yes.

“Brett Deyo is a great promoter. You can see why people support his series. He treats all his competitors great, provides a good surface to race on at Fonda and pays well. Best thing we ever did was go to Fonda.”

On Saturday, Drellos picked up the Bill Ag elimination race at Fonda victory worth $1000.

Brett Deyo was all smiles as he had a very good turnout of cars and fans on the day.

“I wish I could stay up here and see more scenery of Vermont but I have to get back to Delaware for a race at Georgetown,” said Deyo.

When asked how his season is going at Utica Rome and Fonda, Deyo said, “We are doing good. We have two more (1 each) $5 admission nights this year at both Fonda and Utica Rome. The crowds have been great at Fonda. Utica is up and down. But that’s only because it has rain or iffy weather near Syracuse, but everything is going well.”

Tim Fuller was on hand to try and pick up where he left off last fall where he cashed in for a $10,000 payday. Fuller finished just outside a top five finish on the day with a sixth place finish. Look for Fuller to skip the upcoming SDS event at Malta. Instead he’s pondering a visit to Utica Rome on Friday.

By winning the STSS event at Devils Bowl, Matt Sheppard now is within eight wins of tying Stewart Friesen for the most wins in STSS history of 34. Sheppard won $10,350 for his efforts. He swept his weekend of racing picking up over $15,000 ($15,750 in total winnings).

The race day was moved right along. Hot laps were at 415 p.m. and the STSS feature was done right around 8 p.m. which was surely enjoyed by drivers like Erick Rudolph and Mat Williamson who came from extreme western New York and just over the border into Ontario, Canada respectively.

The next STSS event will be on July 3 at Fonda Speedway with another 50-lap event paying $10,000 to win in the Firecracker 50.

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