What’s Stewart Friesen Doing This Year?

44 Stewart Friesen

By:  Bill Foley

Modified fans in the Northeast and Canada follow Stewart Friesen throughout the year.

The 2023 season will keep fans watching social media as well as print news as he will be heavily involved in the chase for the NASCAR Truck Series playoffs while also dabbling in other racing exploits.

Recently, Stew spoke with Dirt Track Digest and noted the season is rapidly approaching.

He said, “I’m going to start out with the Late Model as the Sunshine Nationals at Volusia. I then plan on running with Lucas Oil and All Tech. It will, however, be race to race. I’ll also be running the Modified at All Tech with the Short Track Super Series and in the Super DIRTcar Series races at Volusia.”

Obviously, the attention will be focused on the Truck, but he said, “I’ll be racing at Fonda and Utica-Rome as will Jess (his wife). Jess is also going to be running a truck with us at Bristol.”

Though his schedule wasn’t totally complete at this time there is no doubt he will be on the track for a substantial number of Short Track Super Series and some DIRTcar Super Series events.

During his career Friesen has had many Modifieds at his disposal.

So you have to wonder, “How many trucks does Halmar Friesen Racing have available for his quest for the Truck title?”

Halmar-Frisen’s Trip Bruce, the Competition Director-Manager, talked to DTD about the preparation for the upcoming season.

He said, “We have 15 trucks with two for the dirt tracks as one is for Jess. There are three for race courses with a back up, six for downforce tracks like St. Louis, two for short tracks such as Marticnville and we are in the process of building two more.”

When Chris Larsen first started a relationship with Stew they were the lone car representing the team.

However, that has changed a bit as Trip said, “Todd Bodine drove some last year and he and Stew have built a great relationship. I’d like to build a few more as Layne Riggs did three races with us; he’s a really good kid and in many ways like Stew.”

Northeast fans will also enjoy seeing Friesen in a half dozen, Ferris sponsored, events as that company has been instrumental in its major contributions to Northeast racing for decades.

Friesen is a bit emotional over the sponsorship as he was good friends with the late Bill Shea, who was instrumental in making a dream come truck by putting Ferris back on the national stage.

Stewart has noted he would be racing to honor Shea and that he knew that the two of them were going to have a tremendous fun time together in the 2023 season.

Though fans will follow his quest for the Truck crown, they will also get to see him in action throughout the year in his familiar Modified.

It’s going to be a busy year for the driver at Halmar-Friesen racing.