Laubach Looks to 2023 with Renewed Excitement – DTD Exclusive


It was two years ago when Rick Laubach and wife Tara started their No. 20 Shaker Motorsports team. They knew going into their new venture that it would take time to build the team up to what they expected it to be. 2023 will be year three for the new team and Laubach believes it will be their best year yet.

“This is our third year with the No. 20 car and going into the year I couldn’t be more excited to get it going,” said Laubach.  “We have two cars, two motors and 25 wheels. This team is building and has come a long way since year one when we were a basically start and park team (laughingly). Year two we started to become a contender and now this year we expect to be where we need to be and next year we’ll be even better yet.”

Laubach’s season will begin in two weeks when he will take the Gary Hermann No. 7 to Florida to race in the STSS Sunshine Swing at All-Tech Speedway and then over to Volusia Speedway Park for the DIRTCar Nationals. 

“We are heading to Florida with the No. 7 big-block car,” explained Laubach. “We plan on running both tracks with the big block car. It will be part of a vacation for us and we are looking forward to getting down there.”

Laubach will have the same fleet of cars available for him to drive this season.

“I plan to run Big Diamond again with the No. 20 Shaker Motorsports car,” mentioned Laubach. “We will take the No. 7 car back to New Egypt this season and will race the (Ryan) Kerr No. 1K car for the Deyo stuff and we have the No. 7 car available to race any big-block races that we want to go to. I have some new sponsors this season that will help our team and honestly it is really good and I am looking forward to a good year.”

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