Bouc Off to Fast Start at All-Tech – DTD Exclusive


Tuesday night the Short Track Super Series Modifieds rolled into All-Tech Raceway for the Sunshine Swing.

When the night was over there was Danny Bouc on top of the speed chart and he is looking forward to this week’s action.

Through the first two nights Bouc has put on a show running in competitive groupings of cars with a top ten each outing.

Bouc came home in 10th on night two after an eighth on night one.

As racing action was set to kick-off on Wednesday night, Bouc talked with Dirt Track Digest.
Danny said, “We came down here last year and went to Bubba’s the year before that. This place is awesome. I love it. Sometimes I probably hate it because I might not run too well. It is one of those places. You’ll see it. One night a guy might run well and the next night everybody will be out to lunch.”

Continuing he said, “It’s the trickiest place I’ve ever been to, but that’s what I like about it. It’s not the stuff we are used to up North where in my area it’s hammer down, one lane and everybody’s fast. Here you kind of struggle. There is no set up for this place and it really relies on the driver picking the right lanes when you are out there racing.”

Why is it so different?

Bouc said, “I have no idea. It’s Florida. In Florida the dirt is different. It’s greasy. It’s slick. No one can steer. With the dirt down here it produces great racing, but it is hard to get a hold of. This place is very fast, very slippery, so it is on the edge. One lap you might not be able to steer at all and you see guys slide up to the wall and then they get a grip, come down and someone will randomly spin out.  One lap your car does one thing and the next it does another.”

In regards to the layout, Bouc explained, “It’s got some banking to it. Turns one and two that top lane you can run in there really hard on the top and then it sort of flattens out. There is a little flat spot and it adds to the character to this track, but you end up figuring where to go and where not to go. Half of the time your car takes you somewhere where you don’t want to go anyway. You just have to ride with it. Three and four is mostly a standard turn. The back straight is a little curved on the outside while three and four is sweeping, but it’s slick top to bottom and zero traction down there all night. One or two gets some different lanes to it, three and fourth is dead slick all the way across and it’s wide.”

Continuing he said, “You can pass anywhere at this place. Hey, you could even pass in the infield if it was allowed. Sometimes I think that’s where I should be. You’ll see one guy will run around the bottom and the rest of us will be going around the top . It’s one of those places that races very well. It’s very tricky. Very hard to race, but it produces good shows.

Fast time out of the box on practice night and Danny said, “We struggled when it was slick and tried a lot of stuff. This place is hard to get a hold of sometimes. The stuff we tried here last year doesn’t work. The stuff we know how to do on the slick at home sometimes doesn’t work here. It was good to go out there. We were good. The car was good. The motor runs great. The Wegner Automotive Weekend Warrior 427 was awesome. It’s a good opportunity to come down here to get a start on the year.”

Looking ahead, Bouc said, “We’ll run Georgetown weekly and hit the whole Short Track Super Series South races for sure. I’m gonna try to do a couple more North races if we can. We work full time and have a busy schedule so it’s tough to get away in summer. Not sure what we are doing on Saturday nights so we’ll let it play out and maybe just hit a couple of special Saturday shows. It seems the more I race the worse I get so we are trying to cut back a little bit and see if we can get some big wins like we did last year..”