Bussiere from STSS Sportsman to Volusia Modifieds – DTD Exclusive


Every time the pit gates open there is a surprise, and such was the case when the Sportsman arrived at the All Tech Raceway for the latest edition of the Sunshine Swing.

Modified fans have seen Yan Bussiere running with the big-blocks of the DIRTcar circuit for years, but here he was entering the four nights of competition with a Sportsman.

He had a pretty decent week with a third and fifth place finish and ranked high enough in the final points to grab $500 from the Shirley Zacharias point fund that was provided by the Zacharias family.

Yan spoke with Dirt Track Digest as he prepared for what was the final night of racing at All Tech.

Asked about the Sportsman he said, “The story is two years ago I raced with the Sportsman. The name is the Super Star Series at Quebec at the Granby, Drummondville and RPM Speedway with a young driver and the Stars Modified where Mario Clair, Robert Bernard and Steve Bernier raced for the big money.”

Continuing he said, “No Modified tonight. I bought a motor for two GTP road races and this year I had the good fortune to go here at All Tech. It’s better for me (to run Sportsman) because of the rules for the motor with the big-block. I have another car for the big-block for Volusia, but the series is not the same. Sportsman are better for me here.”

He’s been called “The Racing Promoter” and said, “I’ve been a track promotor of 18 years and own Drummond.”

However, Canadian Modified racing is in a strange place at this time as he is the lone DIRTcar sanctioned track in Quebec.

Yan said, “We are DIRTcar and Granby is NASCAR. It’s hard right now because of two series. Granby and RPM (Nascar) are with American Racer and me with Hoosier. This year I checked everything and the make a choice what to go to in 2024. It is hard for teams to switch the cars and everything, but it is what it is for ‘23.”

He has enjoyed the two night run at All Tech saying, “My car right here is very fast. The track is a little bit with rubber (on night one). I was lucky to finish. The tires are no good, but the track guys make the not slick, the car is perfect.”

This is definitely one of the more unique tracks he has run.

Looking at it he said, “The configuration is fast. The momentum is fast. Turn one and two sometimes high and sometimes low and turns three and four low is better.  No traction on the outside. No cushion. It is very fun to race here. The promoter of this track is a very good man.”

On the final night, after a third place on opening night, Bussiere said, “Tonight I drew 43 and start sixth or seventh in the heat, but the car is good.  The track is better than yesterday, but I know my car with tacky track right now, but don’t know for a slick track.”

Well, it worked out well as he finished in the top five for the second consecutive night.

This year Yan Bussiere won’t be following the DIRTcar Series, but said, “I will run big-block. Start at Drummond, Granby, a couple of big Cornwall shows and Charlotte for sure. Maybe a show or two with the big-block in the USA. Fifty-five races for me. Sportsman, just about six races at Drummond, Cornwall, maybe RPM Speedway.”

Yan Bussiere was a welcome addition to the Sunshine Swing Sportsmen Series and after a brief break will unload the Big Block for the Super DIRTcar Series four nights at Volusia.