Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series Celebrates Ten Years Thank to Mike and Vicki Ogilvie – DTD Exclusive


The Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown series returns this year as a major event on the exciting schedule of Brockville Ontario Speedways. This high-stakes competition features top drivers and teams vying for the coveted Triple Crown trophy.

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series, making it a milestone year for this premier racing event. Over the past decade, the Triple Crown has become one of the most highly anticipated and respected series in the racing community, attracting some of the best drivers and teams from the northeast. As the series celebrates this momentous occasion, fans can expect even more thrilling races, edge-of-your-seat action, and memorable moments at Brockville Ontario Speedway.

Back in the winter of 2013, Paul came up with the idea of having three races in the Modified and Sportsman divisions to keep both the fans and drivers excited. “I thought it made sense to run a race between the Fall Nationals in October and the Big-Block Modifieds, which used to run at the beginning of August. The Triple Crown Series was developed to fill the need. Mike loved the idea and agreed when I explained the facts and suggested the idea to him.”

10 years later, Mike and Vicki Ogilvie are still sponsoring this series. Both Mike and Vickie have never forgotten their roots or who brought them to their success: the people of the community.

Since the beginning, when Mike and his dad bought the business back in 1985, they have always helped by sponsoring various sports, whether it be soccer, the local hockey team, or local racers, the Ogilvie family has stepped up and given back to the community.

But by far, the Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series has been one of the most successful sponsorships the family has been involved in over the past several years.

Paul Kirkland explain said, “Once more, Cheryl and I want to express our gratitude to Mike and Vicki Ogilvie for supporting the Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series. This fantastic series is celebrating its tenth anniversary this season, and it has become a fan favorite as well as a trophy long desired by the 358 Modified Drivers and Sportsman Drivers.

“Last season’s version of the Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series, was one of the most competitive, with only 18 points separating the top three in the 358 division. It was the same situation in the Sportsman portion of the Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series.

As the series continues to unfold, I think this competition will get even tougher as the cars and team.”

Past winners of the 358 division :

2013 Danny O’Brien

2014 Danny O’Brien

2015 Gage Moran

2016 Danny O Brien

2017 Luke Whittiker

2018 Danny O’Brien

2019 Ryan Arbuthnot

2020 COVID

2021 Ryan Arbuthnot

2022 Ryan Arbuthnot

Past Sportsmanship Series winners: Dylan Evoy, Chris Herbison, Shane Pecore, Jessica Power, Johnathon Ferguson and current Sportsman champion Bobby Herrington.

There is no doubt that the 10th season of the Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series at the Brockville Ontario Speedway will be an exciting one, with Danny O’Brien and Ryan Arbuthnot both in contention for the title. But it’s anyone’s series to win as drivers such as Chris Raabe, Tristan Draper, Kyle Dingwall, or Brian McDonald, along with others, have the tools and skills to take home the title.

Current 358 Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series champion Ryan Arbuthnot will be looking to back up his three consecutive wins in hopes of matching Danny O’Brien’s four wins over the last decade.

Ryan explained, “The rumor out there is that Danny will be back this year to contend, so he along with the other Brockville regulars will surely make for a stout field. We’ll approach these races the same as any other and be as prepared as possible to defend the title again. With getting an early jump on the season in Florida this year, we are already in full swing at the shop getting things ready for the upcoming season.”

The competition in the Sportsman ranks that will be battling the Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series is much the same. Drivers such as Dylan Evoy, Chris Herbison, and Shane Pecore have all won this championship.  Last year’s winner Bobby Herrington will have his hands full with challengers like the 2021 Power series champion Jessica Power or series runner Shane Stearns, who will give Herrington a run for his money.

The 10th season of the Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series at the Brockville Ontario Speedway is set to be a thrilling set of races. Danny O’Brien, who is returning to Brockville Speedway this season, and Rayan Arbuthnot have the most wins in the series and will be frontrunners for the title this year.

With such a competitive field, it is difficult to determine who will win this year. The Triple Crown Series has been known for its unpredictable finishes, and that could be the case again this season.

Mike stated, “Once again, Vicki and I are pleased to support Paul and Cheryl at the Brockville Ontario Speedways with the Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series.” This being the tenth year of this annual series, I can not believe how successful the Ogilvie’s Auto & Fleet Triple Crown has been over the past decade. “We look forward to presenting the winning trophy to the winners of both the 358 Modified Series and the Sportsman Series, which I feel will be the best season yet.”

The first round of the 2023 series gets underway on May 27th with the second round to be held on July 1st, The final round will be a part of the 2023 annual Fall Nationals on October 13th.