Points Battle for The 358 Division Heats Up at The BOS – DTD Exclusive


The excitement at Brockville Ontario Speedway is building as the race season enters the second half of the points chase.  For fans, the excitement is mounting as they anticipate a tough battle for the championship. As the season hits its midpoint, the tension and anticipation among racers and spectators alike are palpable.

The points battle in the 358 Modifieds division at Brockville Ontario Speedway has reached a gripping climax in the midseason. At the forefront of the pack stands the talented driver Ryan Arbuthnot, leading the championship charge with remarkable consistency and skill. However, with only a slim 24-point difference separating him from the relentless pursuit of fifth-place contender Kyle Dingwall, along with the group between them. The lead for the points lead, along with the 2023 title, remains far from settled. Each race becomes a high-stakes endeavor, as any misstep or triumph can dramatically shift the balance of power on the leaderboard. The sheer determination and relentless drive of these drivers are setting the stage for an electrifying second half of the season, leaving fans and competitors alike on the edge of their seats, eager to witness the unfolding drama and the crowning of a true champion.

For current points, leader Ryan Arbuthnot is about defending his title and the points lead. But the companion this season is high.

Team crew chief Tyler Lambert explained, “As we pass the midpoint of the regular season, we approach each of the remaining races with the same goal as we did at the start of the season — win. Hopefully, the time and effort spent throughout the season; both in the shop at home and at the track – and with just a little bit of luck – will pay off with a track championship. We’ve found over the years that once you start paying attention to the points and start to “points race”, that’s when things go wrong. You start to second guess tire selection, chassis setup, and decisions made on the track while racing. It’s easier to ignore the points and to continue fine-tuning what has made us successful up to this point of the season. If we have done everything we can to put ourselves in a position to win every night, then the points should take care of themselves.

“But overall, as far as the 2023 season is concerned, I’m very happy with our performance. We went down to Florida with the Big Block in February for the first time and we were competitive and made every race. You can’t ask for much more than that when considering the number of cars and talent in that pit area. Our Small Block car has been very good as well, picking up four wins so far this season, including our first-ever win at Mohawk International Raceway. Hopefully, we can continue fine-tuning this car and visit victory lane a few more times before the season’s end.”

The battle for points, however, could not have been closer between the top two contenders. Johnathon Ferguson is only three points behind Ryan and has been gaining momentum as the season progresses. But recently, the team has been focused more on family than the track. With the devastating loss of Elizabeth Ferguson, Johnathon’s mother, the team has put their focus on healing but will continue to race, as Todd Ferguson, Johnathon’s dad, said, “She was so involved with the racing and the team that she would have wanted nothing more, but for us to keep racing.”

It’s clear though that Johnathon has brought his A-game to the BOS this season and is very focused on racing as hard as he can.

Johnathon said, “Our team is currently having a successful season. We have worked hard to achieve the optimal car setup, and with Ralph Murry on board, his weekly input on car maintenance has significantly improved our performance each week. The successful outcome can be attributed to the collaboration between our team’s crew chiefs, Corey Jalbert, and team advisor Ralph Murphy Their joint effort has greatly benefited us.

“But without a doubt, Corey is our main man. Corey’s passion for racing runs deep in his veins and he has been involved in racing since he was a young boy. His years of experience have taught him to handle any situation on the track with ease and he has a keen eye for spotting potential problems before they become major issues. Corey is also an excellent mechanic and has a deep understanding of the inner workings of race cars. This knowledge has proven invaluable to our team as he can quickly diagnose and fix any issues that arise during a race. We are fortunate to have him on our team

Johnathon added, “As for the points battle, we never worry or focus on this as it is more of a distraction than anything else, so we just focus on winning and let the cards fall where they fall.”

Running in third place in points is Hall of Fame driver Danny O’Brien, whose decision to come out of retirement and race the full season at Brockville has been nothing short of a captivating and heartwarming tale in the world of motorsports. After stepping away from full-time racing in 2019, many believed his competitive days were over. Determined to get back to full race mode, Danny worked tirelessly, each week, perfecting his technique and building his endurance, never losing sight of his ultimate goal.

And finally, after months of hard work and dedication, Danny achieved the milestone he had been striving for capturing his 100th win at the Brockville Ontario Speedway. He has proven to himself and the world that anything is possible with determination, passion, and perseverance.

Now, as he looks back on his journey, Danny knows that his comeback was not just about winning or achieving success. It was about proving to himself that he had the strength and resilience to overcome any challenge that came his way. And that, to him, was the greatest victory of all.

His return to the track has been met with enthusiasm and admiration from fans and fellow racers alike. To witness a seasoned veteran, who once hung up his helmet, embracing the challenges of a full racing season once more is a testament to his unwavering dedication and love for the sport. Danny’s presence has injected a fresh burst of excitement into the racing community at Brockville, making each race day eagerly anticipated. With his eyes set on the momentous achievement of securing his 100th career win at the prestigious BOS

Similarly, Tristan Draper in Draper Doors Racing Team is running very consistently. In the last few seasons, Tristan has stepped up his racing game. Tristan is putting up a strong fight to catch up to the leader and secure his spot on the championship podium. However, the competition is fierce, and Tristan will need to stay focused and push himself to the limit to come out on top.

Tristan said, “I think the biggest thing is being more consistent. We have struggled to find the speed at Brockville; We had lots at the end of last year so we are just trying to get it back to that rhythm. It would be good to go on a good roll with top finishes. We’ve wanted a championship for a long time, but the guys we were racing against know how to get the job done, and they are all fast cars, so we will give it our all. We’ve got to just go out and try to win races.”

Running just twenty-four points off the leader is former Sportsman and Modified track champion Kyle Dingwall. Kyle to date, has had some tough races and has been off the pace slightly compared to last season, but this veteran driver knows what it will take to win. The one thing going well for the team this season is consistency. With six top-five finishes out of six races, one of which was a trip to victory lane, it’s clear the team can run with the top runners. But with the season heading to the final leg, team Dingwall will have to make some changes to get more podium finishes if they want to gain on the leaders.

Point Standings 
1   Ryan Arbuthnot 396
2   Johnathon Ferguson 393
3   Danny O’Brien 381
4   Tristan Draper 378
5   Kyle Dingwall 372