Fuller Settles for Top Five at Land of Legends – DTD Exclusive

By Bill Foley

Tim Fuller ended up in fifth place at the Land of Legends Raceway at the conclusion of the 2023 SummerFAST.

Throughout most of the 60-lap event, he found himself in fourth, which he secured on the very first lap, after starting eighth.

Tim wasn’t planning to run around in fourth the entire feature, saying, “I was riding around, but I was up on the wheel trying to make something happen. I was a little bit too tight, and I had the same setup in this as last time, but that just goes to show you every track is different.”

As the race wore on, he spent 58 laps in fourth.

However, it wouldn’t end that way for the Edwards, N.Y., veteran.

Talking with Dirt Track Digest, Tim said, “I just couldn’t catch a break. I thought I was better than Lehner, but ended up getting beat by Williamson.”

Mat Williamson had worked his way through the field and, with just two laps to go, grabbed fourth away from Fuller.

Continuing, he explained, “Whatever happens, happens, and it’s okay to get out of here with a fifth.”

Reflecting on the race, Tim said, “Everybody seemed to want to run in the same groove. It seemed like it did move around a little bit from middle to top to the very bottom, but I just couldn’t catch a break. It was hard in lapped traffic.”

The surface, at least on the frontstretch, threw a curve at competitors.

Addressing that, Fuller explained, “It’s really rough down the front straightaway. It was like we had a tractor pull here. I’m not sure, but the rest of it was beautiful. Seriously, I don’t know what happened on the front straightaway, but it was rough all the way down through there.”

However, like all other racers, once the race was over. Load it up and move on to the next.

It’s been a decent year for the Hall of Fame inductee, and he’ll be a genuine contender the next time he hits the track.