Ladouceur Adds Another Milestone to Impressive Career – DTD Exclusive

By Don Simpson

Within just 24 hours, Lee Ladouceur achieved an awe-inspiring double victory. Firstly, he secured the track championship at the Brockville Ontario Speedway, a testament to his consistent performance and skill on the track. However, Ladouceur’s triumph didn’t stop there. In a display of determination and talent, he followed up his prowess in Brockville with a resounding win at the Cornwall Motor Speedway’s feature event. This back-to-back triumph showcases Ladouceur’s mastery of his craft and his ability to excel under pressure. His remarkable achievement will surely be remembered as a defining moment in his racing career and an inspiration to aspiring racers everywhere.
For many years, this story’s writer has witnessed Lee Ladouceur’s passion for racing and how it extends beyond a single discipline. He has proven himself not only in the world of Crate Sprint racing but also in the fiercely competitive realm of the 358 Modified division, where he’s currently wheeling the number 88 car of Jim Primrose.

Throughout the last few years, Ladouceur has showcased his versatility by maneuvering two distinct racing machines with remarkable finesse. His skill behind the wheel of the Crate Sprint is matched only by his skills in the 358 Modified category, where he navigates the complexities of Modified racing with precision and determination.

Lee said, “Jumping from one class to another is not a big deal for me. I have been racing in both classes for many years now. I think of it like wearing old pairs of shoes; you jump from one pair to another and just adapt to the feel.

“I started racing the No. 88 Modified for Jim; I’m thinking 2018-ish. During that time, I raced the Mr. Rad 23 car on Fridays at Mohawk but started racing the 88 Sundays because Tim O’Brien didn’t want to race Cornwall anymore, but he still ran Saturdays at Brockville during this time. Eventually, I began racing their car on both Saturdays and Sundays for them.”
Ladouceur’s ability to excel in multiple racing classes is a testament to his deep understanding of the sport and his innate ability to adapt to varying track conditions and vehicle dynamics. His dual presence on the racing circuit underscores his dedication to the sport and solidifies his reputation as a formidable force in the racing world.
Lee is no stranger to the world of racing. Lee, the younger of two sons, was born into a family steeped in racing history. For many years, Lee’s father, Laurent Ladouceur, campaigned the No. 23 Modified out of their Alexandra, Ontario, auto repair shop.
Throughout those years, Lee’s dad groomed both Lee and his older brother, Joey, into the world of motorsports as well as the automotive repair industry.
By 1997, Lee knew his way around the family shop well and wanted to try his hand at racing. He bought a 1988 Honda Prelude to race in the mini stock class, and the rest is history.
The now 46-year-old veteran has raced everything from the Mini Stock to 358 Modified, Late Models, and 360 Sprint Cars. Over his career, Lee has had countless feature events, along with two consecutive South Ontario Sprint Car Tour championships in 2011 and 2012.
But as for 2023, it has been a remarkably good race season for Lee, and there are still a lot of racing plans on the books.

He said, “The rest of the season, we plan on trying to win the Action Sprint Tour East with one race left in Can-Am on September 8, and we are leading in the points. We will also continue and finish off the regular season with a Modified. We will also be chasing the Action Sprint Tour national points, which there are six races left: a two-day show in Brighton on the September long weekend, a two-day show at Ohsweken Sprint Car Nationals Mod September, a two-day show at Humberstone in September, and then racing the Modified for the Cornwall and Brockville weekends.”
It’s been a whirlwind season for Lee Ladouceur, a true racer at heart, but above all, a true sportsman who is more than happy to lend a hand to someone at the track. It has been an exciting season for Lee, one he won’t forget.

Lee added, “I think we have had an amazing year with the Sprint. Who would have thought seven wins in 10 starts (five Brockville and two Cornwall) and the Brockville championship. I never would’ve imagined it going that well.

“I would also like to thank my sponsors, Gators Metal, Mr. Radiator, and Jim’s performance. Finally, I would like to thank my wife Donna along with our crew: Liam, Trey, Gator, Dom, Jasmine, and Hannah; without them, this amazing season would not be possible.”