Dunn’s Night Finally Arrives at Fulton – DTD Exclusive

By Bill Foley

Consistency has been the story for Billy Dunn at the Fulton Speedway during the 2023 season.

However, on Saturday night, as Fulton hosted two feature events with the sail panels in place for the first time this season, Billy Dunn was front and center.

Talking with Dirt Track Digest as he prepared to load up and head north to Watertown, Billy said, “We were good all night. I really think we had the car to win both races, but it just didn’t work out that way.”

He got off to a good start, coming from 12th to win the make-up main that kicked off the night’s racing action. Billy simply dominated and ran away, only to get bunched up late with a yellow. However, it didn’t matter.

Looking back on his first win of the year at Fulton, he said, “We finally hit something on this car. We’ve been really close and are just trying to make small changes to get over the hump. Every time we kept going the wrong way, so we finally, finally, hit on it right. The track’s awesome. It’s so wide, smooth, and slick.”

Continuing, he said, “It’s so fun racing here. I’m glad we came every week and glad that we finally picked up a feature win. We were so close all season. We just couldn’t get there.

“Larry (Wight) and Timmer (Tim Sears Jr.) are on top of their game here, and if you gotta be perfect to beat them.”

He added, “You know tonight was the night, as it was the most perfect we’ve been. So it was rewarding. We’ve struggled here at times trying to figure out exactly what we need to just get a little bit better, and we finally got it tonight.”

After winning the first feature, Dunn stormed back to put on another show in the second, and he once again grabbed the lead and was disappearing.

On lap 18, he headed for the pits.

Billy explained, “I just got squeezed in the frontstretch wall by a lappeed car. We were nose-to-nose halfway down the straightaway. I thought he would have seen me, but I guess not.”

So he returned to the track in 20th place and, in the last 17 laps, was able to work his way up to the 11th place spot, where he ended his night.