Quick Action Saves HBR Toter from Serious Damage – DTD Exclusive


As the announcement came that the Friday night portion of the World Finals presented by Can-Am were curfewed out the sirens from the first truck at the filled the air.

There was a fire in the Modified pits.

The residential area of the HBR toter with Max McLaughlin equipment was on fire.

Max told DTD, “We were all up in the staging area and there was a fire in our pit. I drove down and saw all of the emergency equipment and I was worried.”

Continuing he said,”It appeared to be a refrigerator fire and smoke was pouring out. Chris Madden (whose hauler is parked nose to nose with the HBR team) and Dave Reedy rushed over. Our dog was in there and Reedy hurt his hand getting the door open to get the dog out and Madden put out the fire.”

Emergency equipment from the track and area fire department officials responded to the scene.

Max said,”There’s damage, the ceiling is out and I think we’re okay to drive it home.”

The team was able to get on the road with Saturday night after the event.  Luckily quick action by folks near the trailer saved it from further damage.