Rudolph Nearly Gets Volusia Win – DTD Exclusive


Erick Rudolph is a guy never to play poker with.

His calm, never changing expression makes him unable to read and he is the same behind the wheel.

On night two of the DIRTcar Nationals he drove the No. 25r to second place behind  Stewart Friesen, but it might have been different.

He lead laps three to five and regained the advantage over Max McLaughlin on the eighth lap and until the 20th he was leading the field.

Erick had built up a substantial lead and with a green run to the checker he might have been celebrating in victory lane. However, the restart after the 19th lap caution resulted in “the pass” for the 44 and the night was over.

Rudolph said, “The car seemed to work well tonight and we handled traffic. I didn’t want to see that yellow. Down the stretch I think I was going about the same speed as the 44, but it wasn’t enough to catch him.”

Night two allowed for an opportunity to rebound a bit for the Ransomville, N.Y. team..

Erick explained, “Had a bad draw and time trial” on the first night.

Continuing he said, “There were two things in the feature last night “A” is was hard to pass and “B” I was out there with the best Modifieds there are so that too made it hard to pass.”

Looking forward to night two, he said, “We time trialed well (second to Freisen) and I think we can do okay in the heat. I really feel we have a better changc for a better finish tonight.”

Indeed, the finish was much better with a solid second, but Erick Rudolph certainly wasn’t content with that.