Watson has Strong Opening Night at All-Tech – DTD Exclusive


Charging from 28th to 6th is an accomplishment no matter where you are running.

Jordan Watson had one of those roller coaster nights as thus year Sunshine Swing kicked off at All-Tech Raceway.

Watson reflected on the evening as he said, “In practice I felt pretty good. Then we had a decent hot laps. However, I couldn’t turn it at all in the heat.”

Continuing he explained, “We threw the kitchen sink at it before the feature and I was able to run the top. Managed going from 28th to 6th.”

Two years ago Watson was here at All-Tech and said, “I was terrible. I had a big-block that simply was too much motor. This time we brought a 360 open small=block.”

Continuing Jordan noted, “We hit it right. It hooked up and I was able to get traction. For me going from 38th to 6th was a win. We don’t usually run a surface like they have here. I really feel we have made a step in the right direction. We drew 46 out of 50 and hope for something better on night two. This is a learning experience.”

So as the field preps for night two the #18, Bicknell powered by Billy the Kid will start inside of row three in heat action which is already an improvement over opening night.