Jeff Taylor: Big Time Damage on Night One – DTD Exclusive

By Bill Foley

Jeff Taylor came to All Tech Raceway last year and did quite well for himself.

It was an enjoyable experience.

However, the tables turned completely around on night on of the Short Track Super Series Sunshine Swing as Taylor’s car was the heaviest damaged of the night and originally put him at risk for the rest of the week.

In his qualifying heat Taylor was involved in a single car accident in turn four as he ended up against the outside wall.

Looking back at the accident, Taylor told Dirt Track Digest, “I was really good in one and two, but I got into three and four too high and hit the three big white tires on the outside.”

Continuing, he said, “The rear end, front end, axle, side panels and other parts were heavily damaged by the hit.”

His crew immediately went to work removing the rear end assembly, but there was an issue.

Taylor said, “We couldn’t find a dry sump that fit, and I really have to thank Stewart Friesen’s team for supplying me with one. We should be good for the rest of the week, but this was a tough way to start.”

Jeff explained, “I really didn’t feel comfortable out there tonight. I just could get comfortable in the car. I was driving a new Teo and it is something I’ve never driven before and it really felt different to me. I am trying to get used to it, but it’s been difficult.”

Continuing, he said, “I couldn’t get the handle on it. This is a new car and we tried something different. It didn’t work. It’s been challenging and I just need to run some good laps. We wrecked a lot of stuff, but I think we will be back together tomorrow.”

For Taylor it was a rough beginning, but there is still a long year ahead as he said, “We plan on running Brewerton on Friday, Thunder Mountain on Saturday and the Short Track Super Series.”