Dexter Stacey: Xfinity-Pinty Driver Getting Dirty at Volusia

By Bill Foley

The Stacey name has been present in Upstate New York for years, but this year the name Dexter Stacey popped up on the Modified entry list for the DIRTcar Winternationals 

Many fans might not quickly realize who Dexter Stacey is, but he is a multi-tallented, multi-facet driver who hopes to expand his racing exploits in 2023.

Who is Dexter Stacey?

Dexter said, “I’ve run NASCAR Xfinity, Pinty, Big Blocks when I was 15 or 16, I ran 358 modifieds at home at Cornwall. I’ve been racing since I was 15.”

His first two days at Volusia haven’t been memorable in a good way as he said, “We built the car at the last minute in less than two weeks. We are just trhying to get all the bugs out of it. We are making  progress, but yesterday it was the drive shaft and today the starter.”

He only would spend two nights at Volusia and then it is one to more racing.
Looking at his schedule he said, “I have to practice tomorrow for the Xfinity race and then I have the race on Saturday. It’s been 10 years since I have run with my own team with Xfinity in 2013.. But I will be running for MBM. They called me at the last minute because somebody backed out on them. So I saw the opportunity and took it.”

The move from Volusia to Daytona must be interesting.

Explaining the change, Stacey said, “I’ve been there three times once in ARCA and once in Daytona. It’s boring. It’s boring until the big one and you have to avoid it.”

For Stacey racing has and will continue to be a family sport.

“I am planning on building another Big Block for my dad (Wallace) and go back out there and have fun again,” he said, “So you will ;probably see us a little more this year. We will be running full time in Pinty this year so we will have to work around that schedule.”

Talking about the Canadian Pinty Series, he explained, “It is getting better and better. The car count it is up to 28 to 29 cars now and it is a very, very good series. Last year they ran dirt (at Oshweken).”

Upstate New York fans know the Stacey racing history quite well and this weekend Dexter is attempting to add to that.