Autodrome Drummond Will Come Alive with the Return of the 358 Modifieds August 29 – DTD Exclusive


The excitement for the return of the 358 Modifieds at the legendary Autodrome Drummond was palpable so much that the show was sold out within hours for the limited fan seating.

This will be the one race in this season which any one driver or team in the racing world will want to attend after the new renovations to the track and facility. Yan Bussiere has put out the challenge to all drivers to come and race on the new clay.

On the card this night will be for the first race of 2020 for the powerful 358 Modified with a 50-lap feature event. On the schedule as well will be the Pro Stocks (20 laps), Lighting Sprints (20 laps), Modlite (20 laps), Vintage (20 laps), and the return of the STR division (20 laps) for their first race of the season.

On August 15 Yan held the first race of the season hosting the Sportsman Modifieds as the main headline division. Yan was very pleased with the outcome as it was a good test of the newly laid clay on the track.

Yan explained, “With the success of the Sportsman event this past week, we found the new clay added to the track proved to be very fast, allowing for some really good close racing. For this next race “Modifieds On the Track,” the event was so popular with fans, it was sold out within two days. Yes, we would have liked to have a full house of fans to show off the new track which took 500 truckloads of clay to complete the upgrade, plus the fact we are expecting 35 plus Modifieds to be at this event. But as we all know the COVID-19 restrictions have limited us to a total of 250 spectators.”

As for race day, the pit gates will open at 3:00 p.m., with heat in the motor at 6:00 p.m., quickly followed by hot laps. Further information for racers and teams wishing to attend the event, please contact Yan at

This race will be the event that Yan and his team have worked so hard for in the past weeks, with all the new additions to the track along with getting the green light by local officials. Teams are geared up to get back to the track at Drummond.

Mathieu Desjardains who has done very well at the track over the years is eager to get the racing back on at Drummond. Mathieu said about his return to Autodrome Drummond: “I’m really happy to be back on this track with the new surface. The track should be very fast. I think the track record will be broken quite easily. We have always had a lot of success at Drummond in the past and I dare to hope for a podium next Saturday for sure.”

Another rising star at Drumomd Speedway is Sébastien Gougeon, who is also ready to test out the new clay.

“Yes, we’re pretty excited to go back to Drummond. That’s my home track. We have a family-owned business here in Drummondville, so we always want to perform well here. The new track surface seems to be pretty fast and racy, so I can’t wait to try it. We’re working hard to have a fast car. We switched to the coil car later than the other teams, so we need to find a good baseline that will fit my style. Drummond has always been a good place for me. The competition is tough with Bernard, Hebert, Clair, and many others. The top 10 can win every night there. That’s pretty exciting for me just to be part of this.”

For former 358 Modified track champion and track promotor, Yan Bussiere is also excited to get back on the track he created.

“I am super excited about getting back racing at my home track. The track should be very fast with the new banking and widening of the track. I think the last race proved that the new three-foot lift in the corners along with the new clay contributed to the new records set last weekend in the Sportsman race. With that, I am looking forward to getting back on the Drummond track racing along so many good drivers like Clare, Bernard, and Herbert just to mention a few. There are 20 good drivers each night that could win at any time. The new track layout should allow three-wide racing to excite fans. I must say though I am most excited to see what the people think of all the new changes, making the racing experience even better for fans and racers alike.”

The hour is near and the days closer to finally seeing the 358 Modifieds back on the track. Who will win? Will there be a new track record set? These questions will finally be answered on Saturday, August 29.