Felix Roy Captures First DIRTcar 358 Modified Win As Championship Battle Heats Up At Airborne – DTD Exclusive

By:  Don Simpson

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Felix Roy etched his name in the annals of racing history by securing his first DIRTcar 358 Modified win at the historic Airborne Speedway.

The stage was set for an intense showdown as drivers eagerly took the green flag with their engines revving high for Be Cool Heating & Air Conditioning 358-Modified 30-lap feature event.

The 30-lap feature event witnessed a captivating battle between Felix Roy and Mike Mahaney as they fought for the lead throughout the entire race. From the moment the green flag dropped, these two talented drivers engaged in a thrilling duel, showcasing their racing prowess and unyielding competitive spirit.

Lap after lap, the two raced for the lead, executing some daring moves and leaving no room for error. However, the excitement didn’t end there. By the halfway point of the race, Chris Raabe and Jordan McCreadie had emerged as contenders, intensifying the competition at the front of the pack. Their arrival added another layer of excitement as these top four competitors engaged in a fierce contest for the win. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, witnessing a high-speed chess match unfold on the track. Each driver showcased their skills, searching for any advantage to gain the upper hand. The race became a spectacle of strategy, speed, and nerve, with every lap fueling the intensity of the battle.

In addition to the thrilling battle between Felix Roy, Mike Mahaney, Chris Raabe, and Jordan McCreadie another remarkable performance unfolded during the race. Lance Willix, who started from the 15th position, showcased an extraordinary display of skill and determination as he swiftly made his way through the pack. By the 20th lap, Willix was now ahead of McCreadie and looking to put pressure on the top three to put himself in contention for the race lead. The inclusion of Willix in the battle for the lead further
intensified the competition, as now five talented drivers were vying for supremacy.

Ultimately, it was Felix Roy who rose to the occasion, seizing the opportunity on the last lap to secure his maiden victory under DIRTcar, etching his name in racing history. This enthralling race will be remembered as a testament to the sheer talent and determination exhibited by these exceptional drivers.

Long-time public relations specialist and announcer for Airborne Speedway, Robby Knowles shares his perspective on the race. “I am very happy for Felix to get his first DIRTcar 358 Modified win at a track where his father, Martin was a track champion and feature winner. The Roy racing family and Jean-Claude Fortin have been great supporters of Airborne Speedway.”

“Mike Mahaney was the leader the entire race, which sometimes hurts you as you don’t know the fastest lane around the track with everyone behind you. Felix did a good job keeping his car low in turns 1 and 2 to set up his winning pass. Felix is a very polite young man and has a bright future ahead of him as he continues to challenge himself in the DIRTcar ranks.”

As for Felix Roy, this was one of his biggest wins so far in his career, showcasing the talent of this young Naperville, Quebec, driver.

Felix explains: “Race Day started well for us as I won my heat race, setting the fastest time driving through traffic from my seventh place starting position. We then went to the redraw, where I drew second on the grid beside Mike Mahaney, who drew the number one spot.

“From the start of the feature, I took the bottom lane while Mike took the top, which seemed to work well for him. As the race progressed, I noticed there was a tacky groove down low in turns one and two which I could use to get momentum down the back straight to try and pass going into turn three.

“Turns three and four were coming into play for me in the middle groove as the track tacked up, so I could use this to my advantage to finally get by the hard-charging Mahaney, who stayed in the high groove.

“With one lap to go, I went into turns one and two hard, using all the track’s tactility to go alongside Mahaney going down the backstretch. I then used the middle grove to slide-job my way through three and four to take the lead along with the win”

“Witnessing the checkered flags and achieving the victory on the final lap is a true reflection of the team’s hard work and the exceptional preparation of the car. It was an extraordinary moment for me.”

This second round of the 358-championship points battle was thrilling. However, there are more upcoming events in the following weeks that will shed light on the top runners competing for the championship. If these events are as exciting as the last, fans can expect a fantastic season of racing at the Airborne Speedway.

June 14 Round Three, Show up Points SDCS
June 24 Round Four
July 8 Round Five
August 5 Round Six, Show up Points
August 19 Round Seven, Final Points a Night

The top five points are as follows:
(1) Lance Willix 110 Points
(2) Chris Raabe 108 Points
(3) Felix Roy 104 Points
(4) Mike Mahaney 102 Points
(5) Todd Stone 92 Points
The 358 Modified division’s return to the Pittsburgh track has been a great addition to this year’s racing season. Its revival has brought back the excitement for both fans and participants and will only get better as the season unfolds.