Decker Wins 2018 STSS North Title; Notes from Hard Clay Finale – DTD Exclusive


Billy Decker, driving for Jeremy Smith on the STSS North tour, squeezed every bit of effort and used up every bit of tread on the right rear tire on his No. 91 to win the 2018 Halmar International North Series title by just two points over Middletown regular Anthony Perrego.

Coming into the final event, Decker held a 30-point cushion over Perrego and lurking behind Perrego was Matt Williamson driving for Jeff Behrent on the STSS tour for the first time this year.

In the previously held eight races of the 2018 STSS North Series, Decker’s worst finish was a staggering eighth place. The one glaring thing though that Decker wasn’t happy about was the fact that he never visited victory lane.

“When we put this deal together in the spring I really felt that we could seal the deal and win the title. We won the title, but I really wished that I could’ve gotten Jeremy a win this year,” said a slightly dejected Decker who was about to be sprayed with champagne on the front stretch by STSS Promoter Brett Deyo.

“All in all, it was a good year. The STSS is a great series it has less laps than the Super DIRTcar Series and less travel, I still love the SDS but this is a great deal for the team.”

Look for Decker to be aboard the Jeremy Smith big-block on Friday to try and put the potent in the Eastern States 200. Decker’s car owner is flying out to Arizona on Saturday to see his son play in a football game but will be back on Sunday in time to help Decker with the 200.


Brett Hearn survived hot laps. His car, not so much. The water pump failed on the No. 20 and sent the fan into the radiator ending his night early. Hearn had an oil pump fail last weekend in the Super DIRTcar Series event at Brockville and if you add on top of that he destroyed a car at Brewerton during Super DIRT Week and also had terminal engine trouble during his triple 30’s qualifying event at Super DIRT Week. To say its been a tough going over the last few weeks would be an understatement. Hearn has won the Eastern States 200 a staggering 12 times in his career and is looking to make it 13 starting on Friday…

Rick Laubach didn’t make the feature aboard the Blinderman sponsored No. 7 car. Laubach slapped the wall in his qualifying event and got a flat tire and didn’t make the cut in the consi. Laubach seems to think the motor in the car is lacking for something and he’s not quite sure what it is…

After nearly shocking the world and himself with a his potentially first career Super DIRT Week win, Ryan Godown was still able to smile about his efforts that went up in smoke at nearly the end of the recently held Oswego 200.

“The motor started to go south very late, but it still had some power. Tire wear wasn’t even a problem in the 200. I usually get a little antsy late in those events when I am trying to run the leaders down, but I was patient. I didn’t push the car that hard at all.”

Godown went on to add, “During the beginning of the 200, we had mud get in the wheel, so we had to go get that taken care off, then we had an issue with the throttle linkage. We run the KSE linkage and it was hanging up. So, the team had to take the hood off to fix that issue. Once those were fixed we had a fast-hot rod. I was thinking the motor damage was going to be catastrophic like 20 to $30,000 its more like $10,000 and that’s still a lot of money but it could’ve been worse.” …

Billy Pauch Jr., was more than disappointed with his recent Super DIRT Week outing.

“We could have put the car right into the wall on Friday and that probably would’ve been a better outcome. We were just outright awful, but I made up for it last week with a big $10,000 payday in a speedster so that helps take some of the sting out of it.” …

Look for a massive 3-day event in the late summer of 2019 at the Orange County Fair Speedway that will pay over $100,000 just to the winners combined, plus Eastern States will be back again next October. In 2019 Orange County will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the track.