Moore Excited for New Opportunities in ’21 – DTD Exclusive

By Ken Bruce

With the news coming out last week that Delaware native Chris Moore has become the first full-time employee for the Brett Deyo’s BD Motorsports Media. I thought it would be a good time to get to know the young announcer to find out how Chris became involved in racing, his reflections on his time at Bridgeport and how much he is looking forward to working full-time for BD Motorsport.

Dirt Track Digest: Before we get into the other questions. How did you become involved in racing?

Chris Moore:  “My dad raced when I was born, then he quit, and we got away from it. Then my brother got involved in it and here I am. I guess the simple answer is that I was born into it. Most people probably don’t know that my dad raced.

DTD: What path led you to be an announcer and who are announcers that you look up to?

CM: “Honestly, I always wanted to be a sports announcer. It didn’t matter if it was dirt racing or not. I like football, basketball, baseball, and sports in general and I just always wanted to be an announcer. I wouldn’t say any particular thing led me to it, I just made my own path because it was what I always wanted to do. As for other announcers I try to emulate, Jeff (Ahlum) would be number one on my list for the dirt track side of things and two announcers I try and listen to and learn from are Joe Buck (Fox) and Jim Nance (CBS) and one of the reasons is that they do so many different sports and they do them all very well. Someday, I would like to show my versatility like Joe Buck and Jim Nance.”

DTD: You have been involved with the STSS for a few years now. How did you first come to be involved with Brett Deyo and his series?

CM: “Mostly by bothering him enough! Honestly, that’s what it was. The STSS came to Bridgeport the first year I was announcing, and I gave him my phone number and told him that if ever needed an announcer to call me and he never did. So, the next year they came back, and I talked to him some more and then I think he started to notice that I was halfway decent so he friend requested me on Facebook and we kind of became friends and then he asked me write stories for him at Georgetown and it slowly evolved for awhile but now it’s quite rapidly grown for both our friendship and relationship. But it took a lot of bothering from me to get started and let him know how serious I was about it.”

DTD: What will be your official job duties with the STSS?

CM: “For the STSS itself, I don’t know if I will have an official duty. I will be with Brett there; we will ride to the races together wherever we are racing in the morning. We will set everything up from the merchandise tent to the scoring up in the tower. I know he wants to do a pre-race show at all the races so if that’s attainable that will be me hosting the pre-race shows. I will also be going around during the week to interview drivers, kind of like I did on the Dirt Track Features videos I did. So, like I said it will be nothing specific as far as the series goes but it will be anything that needs to get done on that particular race day.”

DTD: From everything I have heard, it looks like you will be taking over the announcing at Fonda. Is that correct?

CM: “I will be doing all the announcing at Fonda and now Utica-Rome as well since the deal with Utica-Rome is now official. I will also be part of the management at UR as well. I will be moving up there and living there at track. Myself, Jamie and Denise Page will be running the track weekly. Brett will be at UR weekly except when Georgetown is racing. When Georgetown is racing, Brett will be there leaving it up to me , Jamie and Denise to run the show at UR. The track needed a rejuvenation and from what I understand from drivers that would like to be there, I definitely think it’s going to get it with Brett taking over. I know that Matt Sheppard wants to come to Utica on Fridays, Michael Maresca said he would be at UR on Fridays. I think moving to Friday nights will be a good thing for everyone.”

DTD: Leaving the announcing booth at Bridgeport had to be a tough decision for you. How did that conversation go with Doug Rose?

CM:  “Doug (Rose) was very good and very understanding and in a perfect world I wish I could’ve done both, but I think Doug knew that this was a good opportunity for me. Doug has been good to me my entire time at Bridgeport and he understood the opportunity I had. I don’t think he was happy about it, but he knew that I was doing what was in the best interest for me. It definitely sucks, my brother is going to be running his rookie year in the Modifieds this year at Bridgeport and I’m going to be four and half hours away from it every Saturday so that is a bummer. I just hope that Flo-Racing and Doug make a deal so I can at least watch him. I’m going to miss everybody and everything at Bridgeport and I will be there whenever I can to support the track and will rooting for everyone as well.”

DTD: How do you look back at your time announcing at Bridgeport?

CM: “When I started at Bridgeport, I was 19 years old and I was terrified. I was interviewing drivers like Wade Hendrickson, Rick Laubach and Ryan Watt and they were like who the hell is this kid and why is he our announcer and eventually I proved to them I could do it. But I wouldn’t trade any of it for a second. Everybody was great to me. The more comfortable I got, the friendlier everyone was to me and I made so many friends. It meant a lot to me when I announced that I was leaving Bridgeport as to how many people said that they were going to miss me. I loved my time at Bridgeport, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I got to announce two of my brothers win and all kinds of cool stuff. I loved every single bit of it and Bridgeport will always be my home.”

DTD: One question I have always had is, being that your brother races at Bridgeport. How does it feel to have to announce while also pulling for him? Is it hard to separate that?

CM: “It’s harder when he’s not doing well. If he is running 13th or 14th, I cannot really watch him because I have to focus on whatever is going on up front. But if he is running up front, it is not too bad because it’s still a race and you just do your job. A lot of people would think it is hard, but it is really not too difficult. You just do what you do and if he is running upfront then it is really easy to involve him in things. The harder part is if someone passes him while running upfront. There was a race this year when he was leading and he got passed by Joe Toth and it was hard for me to get excited for Joe as he made the pass for the lead because it was my brother, that is the most difficult part.”

DTD: When you look to your future in racing. What are you looking to accomplish with the BD Motorsports?

CM: “I am not sure where this is going to take me. The race promoting does interest me and I do over the course of this want to learn more about it. I think part of the reason Brett chose me is because I think he feels he can teach me things so maybe I can do this one day and I am definitely interested in it but like I said before my goal is in sports broadcasting and hopefully this puts me on a larger platform that one day leads to something down that path and maybe that’s the way I go. I don’t have an exact plan or mission for how this other than to enjoy my life a little bit more. Because my day job right now is not fun. The big thing is that I’ll be able to enjoy my life more and learn a few things along the way and hopefully find a career path one way or another. I know that Brett (Deyo) has bigger goals for himself that he wants to do and I would like to be a part of that but we have to do it right and make the right decisions and do things at the right times and the right way.”

DTD: Leaving the fulltime job you have now, was that a tough decision to make?

CM:  “Not at all! Kenny, I am talking to you in my car right now after I took my pants off in the Wawa parking lot and my boots off because they were covered in mud and water and frozen so that makes it very clear how I feel about leaving what I am doing. Don’t get me wrong, Brett has made it very clear that every day is not going to be fun working for him but none of it can be worse that I was working in today.”

DTD: With your new job commitments, it sounds like you will be moving up to New York. How do you think that will go after growing up in lower slower Delaware?

CM:  “It will be a big change for me, but I am excited about it. I live with my mom and dad and I love mom and dad to death, but I’ve been ready for a few years now to move out and live on my own. I didn’t want to rush it and make a bad decision to put myself in a bad situation. I am in a good spot now to do it and am excited to grow all the way up and be a full man. I want to be on my own and do my own thing and I am excited to be in a good situation where I can do that and it’s one of the parts I am very excited about.”

DTD: It is easy to see your passion for racing and in particular dirt modified racing. How does it feel to be able work in a field you are so passionate about?

CM: “It’s awesome, it is what everyone wants do. I am thankful for people like Brett who have the passion and the vision to grow our sport. It’s great to have partners like that put us on a large platform to where our product can be shown, and our business can make money and our drivers can make money and have people that can work full-time in racing because there was a time where that really wasn’t possible to do and now it’s becoming more and more possible and feasible to do that and that’s cool. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why but I am one of the lucky ones that gets to do it full-time. Right now, in my life other than getting to be the play-by-play announcer for the Philadelphia Eagles, I can’t think of a job I would rather have.”

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Chris very well over the past couple of years and the enthusiasm that Chris puts out when on the mic is genuine. Chris has a true love for our sport, and it shows when talking to him. It is great to see a young man like Chris have that passion and hopefully learning from Brett Deyo will keep that fire burning to make our sport of dirt track racing continue to grow. Get ready New York, the Modifieds will be “Ready to Dance” at Fonda and Utica-Rome in 2021.

As always, I can be reached for any comments or questions via email or on Twitter @dirtracefan25.