DIRTcar Initiates Rule Change at World Finals for Super DIRTcar Series Modifieds – DTD Exclusive


Super DIRTcar Officials held a drivers meeting on Friday afternoon at the World Finals led by Director of Series and Sanctioning, Mike Perrotte. The purpose of the discussion was to determine if a rule change was required for the series due to the format at the World Finals.

In the competitors guide it states, “If any competitor must introduce a backup car any time after qualifying, competitor must relinquish any earned qualifying position and start from the rear of the field for any race in which the backup car is introduced into competition.”

Keeping that rule in place could have a significant impact on drivers at the World Finals as the teams are forced to qualify on a single night for two separate events. As a result it was decided that a rule change was necessary.

“The rule was you had to run the same car that you qualified,” said Perrotte. “This is really two events in one. We changed it so that if a guy tears up a car tonight in the feature, he can run a different car tomorrow night in another feature. It just makes more sense.”

He added, “Last night we had guys changing motors where they could have just ran a different car. We got everyone together and it didn’t make sense. If you tear up a car tonight, you can run a different car tomorrow.”

He went to say that the rule was initially instituted to prevent drivers from having purpose built cars at Syracuse and it hasn’t been changed since the event left the New York State Fairgrounds.

“The deal was designed for Syracuse to stop guys from having a car for time trials, a motor for time trials and then a different car for the race,” cited Perrotte. “We are just making it reasonable and racer friendly. The rule was designed with Syracuse in mind. It just hung around in there. It doesn’t fit what are doing now.”

Perrotte stressed that drivers can’t just change cars without reason, everything has to go through Super DIRTcar Series officials.

“If you tear one up or change it has to be approved,” he said about the reason for changing cars. “We have to have a legitimate reason why they are swapping cars.”