Notes and Quotes from Eastern States 100 – DTD Exclusive


Matt Sheppard is one of the fiercest competitors you can meet. He is never satisfied unless he comes out of a racing with a victory, well usually. On Saturday afternoon the Waterloo, N.Y., got third in the final rundown with his Bicknell mount. He was all smiles after the outing.

“It’s definitely a nice payday for small-blocks and Outlaw ended up raining out today so that was good for us,” said Sheppard. “I hope to get back there in a couple weeks. All-in-all, it was a little bit of a tough decision to try and decide what we were going to do today, but with the money they put up all the way down the field, we had the small-block ready from Oswego, so it paid off for us and we can still go to Outlaw in a few weeks. Maybe our luck is changing.”

Sheppard started on the pole of the feature, but found himself back to second before he made it through turns one and two. His car just didn’t turn like he needed it causing him to shove the nose entering turn one on the first lap.

“We scuffed tires in that warm-up session,” commented Sheppard. “We came in and they weren’t the stagger that we wanted so we had to put another tire on and it was brand new. It wasn’t scuffed. It just didn’t stick that first lap. I thought I nursed it in there pretty damn good, but it didn’t want to stay. Then it’s funny, after that we had a good car, but we were just missing. We were too damn tight. I kept losing the nose over there in two. Every time I’d lose the nose bad somebody would get by me.”

Krummel Eighth to Fourth

Brian Krummel started alongside Brett Hearn in Saturday’s 100-lap event. Like everyone else in the race, he was patient when he needed to be and far more aggressive when necessary. It paid off with a fourth place finish.

“If in the top 10 kind got in line through the middle of the race,” mentioned Krummel. “Then late everybody went at it a little bit and did their thing. I got into somebody a little bit on that last restart but it happens. If you have the preferred line you have to stick it in there and take advantage. It was a great day. Everything went good.”

Restarts were key to Krummel, but to him it seemed like he was always in the wrong lane for the green flags. He was in the right lane at the end.

“It was tough out there on restarts,” he said. “There were a couple times where I was actually counting back. During the race I was praying for the inside line. The few of the times I did that somebody broke or got a flat and it didn’t work out in my favor. Luckily at the end of the race I had one shot at it and got two spots. That was awesome.”

Hard Charging Meier

Tommy Meier made the show by virtue of the B-Main. He started the race from the 33rd position and that was a good omen as he ended up completing the top five at the end of the 100. He was behind from the get go in time trials after getting stuck behind a Sportsman trying to make the main-event.

“Our time trial didn’t go right,” cited Meier. “We had Sportsman cars out there. It makes a mess of it. They want us to space out there but you can’t see what’s behind you. That whole process needs to be fixed, but it was a good day.”

Meier had issues with the car in the B-Main which they were able to fix before the feature.

“We had carburetor trouble in the B-Main, the car was stumbling. Bob McGannon and everyone jumped in and we got it changed over in about five minutes. It ran normal, ran good and it brought the engine back to life.”

Eastern States 100 Notes

Ronnie Johnson and Tim Hindley had terrible ends to their days.  Both drivers were involved in a mid-race incident that required their cars to be cradled from the speedway…

Jimmy Phelps had a rough day.  Phelps pitted multiple times, changed numerous things on the car before calling it a race when he suffered a flat tire on the front of his No. 98H late in the go…

Anthony Perrego had a weld break on the throttle linkage which brought an end to his day while running third.