Corey Wheeler Wins At Cornwall

Cornwall, Ont – Martin Bélanger – The sun was back at Cornwall Motor Speedway and drivers answered the call as nearly 150 drivers gathered in the pits for the first round of the Race for the Cure Sportsman Series along with a full show in the other divisions, the Eastern Ontario Vintage and the Slick Track Enduro.


Shane Pecore led the way in the Race for the cure Sportsman event over Robert Delormier and Johnathon Ferguson. While Pecore was building a great lead over the field, Ferguson moved up to second as the first quarter of the race was done quickly when Moise Page brought the caution at that occasion. Pecore took off as David Rogers made his way from this 22nd starting spot and took third. Caution was back out on lap 36 for Thomas Cook giving away a top 5 run. At the halfway point, Pecore was still your leader at over Ferguson and Rogers. Ferguson made a great move and took the lead on lap 62 as a slower car came into factor. An accident occurred in front of the grandstand with 29 laps to go with heavy damage on several cars with the red flag being brought in. The final portion was exciting as both Ferguson and Pecore exchanged the lead as several occasions with Ferguson resisting and getting a first win in the Series over Pecore and Robert Delormier rounded out the top 3.


Carey Terrance had strong start in the 32-lap Modified event as he led the first 9 laps when caution came. On the restart, Terrance and Danny Johnson went into battle for the lead as Terrance went off turn 1 and made a few rollovers and the red flag was out. Johnson to the lead with Gage Morin in second and Corey Wheeler in third. On lap 20 restart, Wheeler charged to the lead passing Morin and Johnson on the same lap and took away. Wheeler led the final laps to capture his first win of 2017 over Johnson and Morin.


In Alexandria Home Hardware 25-lap Pro-Stock feature, Marc Lalonde took the lead with Kevin Fetterly following closely, Lalonde led the way for the whole race as Roch Aubin challenged him in the final laps but Lalonde was strong in front and captured win #1 of the season.


The Eastern Ontario Vintage saw Corey Winters taking the lead in the 15-lap feature event as Brian Comeau was second with Paul Billings in third. Winter led the caution free event to capture his feature ever feature event in the division.


The Polar Sound DJ Service Mini-Stock saw Marc Dagenais take the lead over Mike Gaucher and Dustin Bode. Gaucher got closer to Dagenais on lap 5.


The Empire Super Sprints will be in town next Sunday for the Sprint Car fans along with a complete race program for the other divisions as the Mini-Stock will have a night off.


For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at you can add us on Facebook at or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.



Race for the Cure Sportsman Series Feature Results (100 laps)

Jonathan Ferguson, Shane Pecore, Robert Delormier, Justin Lalancette, Ryan Stabler, Alex Lajoie, Patrick Picotin, Brianna Ladouceur, Martin Hebert, Ryan Scott, Tristan Draper, Tyler Givogue, Martin Pelletier, Moise Page, Jackson Gill, Steve Morris, Dillon Sallows, Robert Delormier, Jarret Herbison, David Rogers, Jessica Power, Derek Cryderman, David Lapointe, Johnny Scarborough, Kurtis Cayer, Emmanuel St-Denis, Thomas Cook, Jesse Hudson, Miguel Peterson, Jason Shipclark


Modified Feature Results (32 laps)

Corey Wheeler, Danny Johnson, Gage Morin, Lance Willix, Brian McDonald, Chris Raabe, David Hebert, Kayle Robidoux, Mario Clair, Gabriel Richer, Louie Jackson, Stephane Lafrance, Joey Ladouceur, David Papineau, Mathieu Boisvert, JF Corriveau, Marc Therrien, Michael Labreche, Paul St-Sauveur, Carey Terrance, Kyle Dingwall, Bobby Herrington, Luke Whitteker


Alexandria Home Hardware Pro-Stock Feature Results (25 laps)

Marc Lalonde, Roch Aubin, George Renaud, Ghislain Valade, Jeffrey Lapalme, Bob Ray, Kevin Fetterly, Dave Seguin, Stephane Lebrun, Jocelyn Roy, Dave Bissonnette, Justin Desrosiers, Kody Kelly, CD Beauchamp


Polar Sound DJ Services Mini-Stock (15 laps)

Marc Dagenais, Skylar Ladouceur, Dustin Bode, Alexis Charbonneau, Karl Potvin, Terry Ladouceur, Corey Gates, Mike Gaucher, Roch St-Amour, Eric Jean-Louis, Patrice Moniere, Francis Desjardins, Tristan Hurford, David Arbuthnot, Sylvain Bouthillier, Gabriel Marquis