Corey Wheeler Captures First Win In 2020 At Cornwall Motor Speedway

By:  Martin Bélanger

CORNWALL, ON  – The Cornwall Motor Speedway was back in action as the Modified, Sportsman, Mini-Stock and Pro-Stock were in action.

Ryan Arbuthnot and Kyle Dingwall were on the front row of the 50-lap Modified feature,
Arbuthnot taking the lead over Dingwall and Corey Wheeler. Arbuthnot got into heavy
traffic with 10 laps in the books, he manoeuvered well taking his distance from the rest of
the field with the first 20 laps done in a quick fashion. Caution was out on lap 23 for
Moise Page who had a flat tire. Arbuthnot had a quick restart over Dingwall with Yan
Bussiere moving to third. While running in second, Dingwall had issues on lap 31.
Arbuthnot in command with Wheeler and Steve Bernier in the mix with 15 laps to go.
The leader had issues with his ride and caution was out on lap 36. On the following
green, Wheeler was the new leader in front of Bernier and Bussiere. Wheeler made no
mistakes in the final portion of the event and captured his first feature of the year over
Bernier and JF Corriveau.

Cedric Gauvreau was the early leader in the 50-lap Sportsman in front of Billy Cook and
Johnathon Ferguson. Caution was out for Ryan Stabler who stopped in turn 4 on lap 5.
Gauvreau had a few restarts in the first 10 laps with Ferguson in second while Justin
Lalancette moving to third. Caution was back on lap 16 for Thomas Cook as the slowed
on the backstretch. Gauvreau to the lead in front of Ferguson and Gab Cyr. A lap 23
restart gave the lead to Johnathon Ferguson as Cyr was now in second. Ferguson had a
good ride but Gab Cyr gave a good challenge to the lead with less than 15 laps to go. Lap
traffic was a factor as Cyr was able to pass Ferguson and got his first Sportsman feature
win at Cornwall.

The 20-lap Mini-Stock feature saw Alexis Charbonneau taking the lead over Mike
Gaucher and James Clarke. A great battle for the lead as Gaucher was trying hard to pass
Charbonneau in the first portion. Gaucher used the outside lane and took the lead on lap
9. Caution was out on lap 11 and brought the field together. Gaucher and Clarke went on
into a good battle as Clarke made a last lap pass and captured his 4 th win of the year over
Gaucher and Justin Jodoin.

Rain started just after the completion of the Sportsman event and the Pro-Stock race was

The action continues next week on Sunday, August 30 as with 50-lap events in Modified,
Sportsman plus the Pro-Stock and Mini-Stock.

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