MASS 305 Champion Defeats CRSA Sprints For “King of the Can” Victory

SODUS, NY – Just one night after claiming the MASS 305 Sprint championship at Bridgeport Speedway, Kevin Nagy made the tow further North to compete with the Super Gen Products with Champion Power Equipment 305 Sprints. It was the second-to-last event of the 2021 Series as the CRSA faithful joined Penn Can Speedway’s “King of the Can” event.

In a race to the Golden Throne in Penn Can victory lane, nobody was going to stop Nagy. Nagy was on rails right from the drop of the green flag, taking the lead early from his fourth starting position. Once out in the lead, Nagy pulled out to nearly a half-track lead several times during the event before getting slowed by the many caution flags that took place in this one.

Trevor Years isn’t done battling for the runner up position in points and did himself a lot of good in this event- finishing second to the event’s hard charger Jeff Trombley. Dana Wagner finally got back onto the podium with a fourth place finish. The impressive driver of the night besides Nagy was young Tyler Emmons. Emmons, a Rookie in CRSA competition, gained eleven spots to complete the Top 5.

With the crown, cape and plunger donned, Nagy was ecstatic over the surprise win in a series he’s only won in once before in his career- Orange County Fair Speedway October 24, 2015.

“I’ve never been here before and it was real bad in warm ups,” Nagy told Roy Sova in Penn Can Victory Lane.

“We just kept working on it and it was real good in the Feature. We made some major changes, some things I’ve never really done before and it worked. The car was going pretty good…I hit the wall here (on the frontstretch) but it was a great race. We got home at 4am after Bridgeport, we got here kind of late and were thrashing the whole time. I’m glad we came.”

The Powdertech Powdercoating Hard Charger Bonus went to Jeff Trombley who gained an incredible 14 spots from 17th starting position to a finish of 3rd.

Tyler Emmons, after logging his first Top 5 with CRSA, charged from 16th to a finish of 5th place finish with some impressive passes for position. This earned him the “Maguire Family of Dealerships Magnificent Move of the Race.”

The award drivers are appreciative of but don’t necessarily want to see at night’s end was awarded to John Cunningham. An 18th place finish after suffering a mechanical failure saw Cunningham receive the “Midstate Basement Authorities Out of the Basement” award.

Next on the schedule for the Super Gen Products / Champion Power Equipment CRSA Sprints will be a return to the Brett Deyo-promoted Short Track Supernationals at Afton Motorsports Park for a $1,000-to-win show on October 8. It will be the finale event for the 2021 schedule for CRSA.

The CRSA 305 Sprints are powered by Super Gen Products with their Champion Power Equipment located in Newark, NY. Associate sponsors for the 2021 CRSA 305 Sprints include Midstate Basement Authorities, CNY Farm Supply, the Maguire Family of Dealerships, Powdertech Powdercoating, Hoosier Racing Tires, Insinger Performance with their Stinger Race Fuel and is owned and operated by Mike Emhof Motorsports.

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“KING OF THE CAN” A-MAIN RESULTS (25 Laps): 1. 45-Kevin Nagy[4] ($,1000); 2. 13T-Trevor Years[1]; 3. 3A-Jeff Trombley[17]; 4. 25W-Dana Wagner[5]; 5. 25H-Tyler Emmons[16]; 6. 9K-Kyle Pierce[6]; 7. 112-Mike VanPelt[3]; 8. 18C-Dan Craun[13]; 9. 18-Timmy Lotz[9]; 10. 4-Cliff Pierce[18]; 11. 29-Dalton Herrick[15]; 12. 41-Chase Moran[7]; 13. 1Q-Thomas Radivoy[8]; 14. 56D-Peter Dance[10]; 15. 4T-Ray Preston[2]; 16. 66-Jordan Hutton[12]; 17. 28-Ron Greek[14]; 18. J27-John Cunningham[11]

Powdertech Powdercoating Hard Charger Bonus: 3A Jeff Trombley +14 spots $25

Maguire Family of Dealerships “Magnificent Move of the Race”: 25H Tyler Emmons $25

Midstate Basement Authorities “Out of the Basement” Bonus: J27 John Cunningham $25

Heats (8 laps)

#1: 1. 9K-Kyle Pierce[2]; 2. 1Q-Thomas Radivoy[3]; 3. 18-Timmy Lotz[1]; 4. 56D-Peter Dance[6]; 5. 18C-Dan Craun[4]; 6. 25H-Tyler Emmons[5]

#2: 1. 4T-Ray Preston[1]; 2. 45-Kevin Nagy[2]; 3. 41-Chase Moran[4]; 4. J27-John Cunningham[6]; 5. 28-Ron Greek[3]; 6. 3A-Jeff Trombley[5]

#3: 1. 13T-Trevor Years[1]; 2. 112-Mike VanPelt[2]; 3. 25W-Dana Wagner[6]; 4. 66-Jordan Hutton[4]; 5. 29-Dalton Herrick[5]; 6. 4-Cliff Pierce[3]