Watson Secures 2019 Championship in DIS Big-Blocks

DELMAR, DE – In the Hurlock Auto & Speed Supply Big Block Modified’s it was the iconic 888 of “Struttin” Robert Dutton leading the field to the green for the 25 Lap feature. Dutton looked strong while out front, but fellow veteran HJ Bunting and hot shoe & current points leader Jordan Watson were hot on his tail. Dutton worked high and low, but as luck would have it Watson would find his way out front quick and in a hurry. Once out front Watson set the Brent Hall owned #18 into the wind, but the glory was short lived before the fellow Why Me Pole Building sponsored machine of HJ Bunting began to put pressure on Watson for the lead position. Watson fended off the 85 machine of Bunting with multiple maneuvers around the half mile, and began to have his hands full when the pair hit lap traffic. Watson however would come out unscathed and with the win he mathematically secured the 2019 Championship for him and his team.

In victory lane Watson could only praise his car owner for the opportunity, his guys for all the hard work in the shop, and his wife, son, and parents for their never-ending support, followed by a “I think we may go back to the shop and enjoy a beer or two for this one!”

FINISH – 1. Jordan Watson 2. HJ Bunting 3. Matt Hawkins 4. Carson Wright 5. Kevin Sockriter 6. Scott VanGorder 7. Ryan Riddle 8. Howard O’Neal 9. Kevin Gardner 10. Bobby Watkins 11. Shawn Ward 12. David Shirk 13. Craig Moore

DNF – Robert Dutton – 10 Laps, Joseph Watson – 6 Laps,
DNS – Kyle Fuller, Jordn Justice

Hitchens Victorious Again In AC Delco Modifieds

Mike White would pace the field to the green for the 15 Lap AC Delco PSC Modified on Pepsi of Salisbury night at the races, but it wouldn’t take long before Greg Humlhanz spun in turn 4 bringing out the first caution of the night. A slew of cautions would ensue until the field was taken to a single file start to help complete lap one. Once green flag action got underway it was Scott Hitchens putting the pressure on White for the lead. White would put up his strongest fight, but it was Hitchens that would prevail and go on to pickup another win in the AC Delco Modifieds!

– Hitchens’ win is pending further technical inspection at the time this article was written –

Finish – 1. Scott Hitchens 2. Michael White 3. James Hill 4. Adam White 5. Dwayne Crockett 6. Sean Metz 7. John Stevenson 8. Danny Smack 9. Jeff Marker 10. Gary Langenstein

DNF – Matt Smith – 14 Laps, Justin Riley – 12 Laps, David Jenkins – 11 Laps, Brandon Watkins – 6 Laps, Jordan Long – 3 Laps, Greg Humlhanz, Trent Willey, Robbie Riley, Paul Griffin Jr, Jeff Coffey

“The Boss” Ross Robinson Pilots New Car to Victory on Pepsi Night

Kevin Scott Jr., who found victory lane for the first time in his career in the S.R. Pete & Sons Super Late Models earlier this season, looked as if the search for number two would be short one as he dominated much of the 20 Lap feature on Pepsi night. However, an unfortunate turn of events took place for Scott on lap 12 as problems ensued for his machine as he worked through lap traffic, and effectively ended his night. On the restart, troubles continued to haunt Mark Pettyjohn, who dismantled a driveshaft while leading his heat, and he slowed to a stop bringing out the second caution in as many laps. Cautions would breed cautions as Dale Murphy almost carbon copied the move of Pettyjohn and brought out another yellow on the ensuing restart. On the following restart the yellow flags had finally worked themselves out, and it was Ross “The Boss” Robinson that would lead the field to the green and go on to bring home the checkers in the S.R. Pete & Sons 20 Lap feature event.

FINISH – 1. Ross Robinson, 2. Donald Lingo Jr., 3. Amanda Whaley, 4. Nick Davis, 5. Herb Tunis, 6. Dale Murphy, 7. David Dill Jr., 8. Bob Geiger, 9. Kellie Lewis

DNF – Kevin Scott Jr. – 12 Laps, Mark Pettyjohn – 12 Laps

Drevicki Captures Win And Title On Saturday Night In USAC East Coast Sprints

The USAC East Coast Sprints headed to Delaware International Speedway for their points season finale on Saturday night and it was Mark Bitner that lead the field of 20 to the green flag. After the first lap it was Austin Bishop who brought the field back to an idle when he came to a stop in turn four. Eddie Strada would start outside of Bitner and quickly overtook the lead and would continue to pace the field while under green. Steven Drevicki came into the night as the points leader, and had all intentions to do all he could to strengthen that lead. Drevicki, who has never finished outside the top 5 in any USAC East Coast Series Sprint races since the group was founded was running a strong second to Strada as the pair began to pull away. However, the pair wouldn’t pull away for long before the 71 of Chris Allen would bring the field back under caution on Lap 9. After Allen’s minute in the work area was completed the field reset and Strada went back to work, but it was the mean machine of Drevicki that roared to life and take the lead away from Strada. Drevicki would begging to pull away and pick his way through lap traffic, and it was again his night to shine as he held on for another flawless victory in 2019 and wrapped up the championship on Delaware Dirt.

FINISH – 1. Steve Drevicki 2. Eddie Strada 3. Joey Biasi 4. Eric Jennings 5. Connor Leoffer 6. Mark Bitner 7. Chris Allen Jr. 8. Ryan Quackenbush 9. Jonathan Swanson 10. Steve Downs 11. Craig Pelligrini 12. Jason Cherry 13. David Swanson 14. Heidi Hedin 15. Lee Kauffman 16. Larry Drake

DNF – Lee Nardelli – 9 Laps, Zach Berghof – 2 Laps, Austin Bishop
DNS – Curt Michael

Hill Captures 8th Win Of The Season In RUSH Crate Late Models

The RUSH Crate Late Models started their 15 Lap feature on Pepsi Night with Geoff Carey on the pole. Upon the drop of the green Carey would feel instant pressure from Derek Magee and Matt Hill, Hill who worked the high groove for a win the previous week went right back to what worked on Saturday night. However, before Hill could pull away the caution flew as Sparky White was facing the wrong direction in turn four. When the green dropped the field never looked back as Hill went on to grab the checkered flag for his eighth win of the season at Delaware International.

– Hill’s win from 9/1/19 is still pending fuel & tire test results taken by RUSH officials at the time of this article –

FINISH – 1. Matt Hill 2. Derek Magee 3. Jason Dean 4. Billy Thompson 5. Jacob Piper 6. Geoff Carey 7. Tyler Reed 8. Joe Warren 9. Zac Weller 10. Mike Wharton 11. Ben Scott 12. Sparky White 13. Robert Smith 14. Richard Harden

DNF – Brandon Sturgis – 13 Laps
DNS – Kerry King Jr.

The Vintage car feature saw the veteran Kelly Putz pick up the win in the Vintage Modified division, while former drag racing veteran turned dirt track rookie David Tucker grabbed the checkered flag for the Vintage Sportsman division.

FINISH – 1. Kelly Putz 2. Jamie Eichholz 3. Charlie Moore 4. Mike Covey 5. DJ Cameron 6. David Tucker 7. Chris Phillips 8. Art Workman 9. Harold Sylvester 10. David Tucker II 11. Dave Schamp 12. Chris Loveland

DNS – Todd Miller

The Smith Boys proved to be the cream of the crop once again in the Delaware Super Trucks as Robert Smith drove his #01 machine to Victory Lane again in 2019.

Finish – 1. Robert Smith 2. Dale Elliott 3. David Smith 4. Ronnie Holloway 5. Ryan Efford 6. Kirk Miles Sr. 7. Jerry Hill 8. Thomas Jackson 9. Bill Deal 10. Curt Miles Jr. 11. Cory Sapp 12. Dick Beauchamp

DNF – Zach Phillips – 11 Laps, Danny Digrazio – 1 Lap, Michelle Jackson – 1 Lap
DQ – Robert Paczkowski