Watson a Winner at DIS

DELMAR, DE – This past Saturday Delaware International Speedway hosted the 2021 edition of the William & Juanita J. Cathell Memorial race. The stakes were raised for the Delaware Dirt Modifieds with the victory earnings paying out $2,021 to win. Reigning track champion Jordan Watson not only claimed the increased winnings, but has a guaranteed starting spot into the Delaware Dirt Track Championships in October.

Robert Dutton would lead the field to the green flag for the 30 lap feature race. Jordan Watson would move his big block up into the second spot . Howard O’Neal brought out the first caution of the evening. Fans were eyeing the invader Ryan Watt, as he picked off several spots before the caution. With three laps in, the race went back green, and Watson overtook the lead on lap five from Dutton. Brad Trice began to set his sight on Dutton after taking over the third spot.

Kevin Sockriter brought out the second caution of the evening, on lap seven after moving up into the fourth spot. When the field was about to go back green Ryan Watt who was running in the fifth spot came to abrupt stop on the back straightaway. It was determined that Watt suffered from a broken drive shaft. On the restart Trice and Dutton battled it out before the caution came out for a multi car accident.

On the restart Trice broke away from Dutton and began to start reeling in Watson, however Watson put his modified into high gear and pulled away from Dutton by almost a full straightway lead. With less than five laps to go Austin Hubbard was moving up through the field. Hubbard was putting pressure on Ryan Riddle who was running fourth, but was unable to close the deal when Matt Smith brought out the caution flag.

The field went back to green for a shoot-out, but Watson ended up cruising his way to the checkered flag and winning back to back victory’s in the modified division for the season .

Matt Hill took the early lead in the RUSH Late Model feature event with Derek Magee trying to take over the top spot. Unfortunately, Magee would be done for the evening after having some problems from the car. As Hill was beginning to pull away from the rest of the field, Sparky White had other plans. White coming down to the one to go was closing in Hill, out of turn number four White pulls right infront of Hill to take the win in the Rush Late Model Feature in a thrilling fashion.

Adam White picks up his second win of the year in the AC Delco Modifieds. Robert Riley brought out two cautions of the evening. The race resulted with a pair of Whites finishing first and second.
Jimmy Wills dominated the Mod-Lite feature race, Wills lead every lap in the 15 lap race. He picked up win number two of the year in the Modified Lite division.

Shane Clogg put his number 18 machine into victory lane for the 12 lap feature in the Delaware Super Truck Division. Rounding out the memorial race was the vintage division, long time racer Kerry King picks up the win in the Vintage Modified class with Terry Chaney picking up the win in the Sportsman class.

The Delaware International Speedway, will be back in action on May 29th for Pepsi Night with the Mid Atlantic Sprint cars, Delaware Dirt Modifieds, AC Delco PSC Modifieds, RUSH Crate Late Models, and Little Lincolns. As always, fans can view live in person, or check out our PPV Live Stream via our Facebook or website. To view the entire schedule and more log on to www.delawareracing.com or call the speedway office with any questions at 302-846-3911 weekdays.

Delaware Dirt Modified Finish: 1. Jordan Watson ; 2. Brad Trice ; 3. Robert Dutton ; 4.Ricky Elliott ; 5. Ryan Riddle ; 6. Austin Hubbard ; 7. James Hill ; 8. Jordn Justice ; 9. Kyle Fuller; 10. David Shirk; 11.Logan Watt ; 12. Matt Smith ; 13. Carson Wright ; 14. Brandon Watkins ; 15. HJ Bunting ; 16. Kevin Sockriter ; 17. Ryan Watt ; 18. Howard O’Neal ; 19. Ricky Johnson III

AC Delco Modified: 1. Adam White ; 2. Michael White; 3. Greg Humlhanz ; 4. Sean Metz; 5. Trent Willey ; 6. Greg Reed ; 7. Paul Griffin ; 8. Scott Calhoun ; 9. Jeff Marker ; 10. Greg Taylor ; 11. Greg Nailor Jr ; 12. Richard White Jr; 13. Tracy Gauger ; 14. Justin Riley ; 15 William Adams ; 16. Ryan Mckinney ; 17. David Jenkins ; 18. Robert Riley ; 19. Dalyton Strohl ; 20. Robert Messick ; 21. Freddy Massey ; 22. Bryan Brobst.

Rush Crate Model: 1. Sparky White ; 2. Matt Hill ; 3. Joe Warren ; 4. Mike Wharton ; 5. David Dill Jr. ; 6. Jerry Barker ; 7. Jason Dean ; 8. Chris “ Tippy “ Martinez ; 9. Robert Smith ; 10. Derek Magee ; 11. Travis Justice ; 12. Ben Scott ; 13. Richard Harden .

Mod- Lites: 1. Jimmy Willis ; 2. Tim White ; 3. Brandon Dennis ; 4. Jason Musser ; 5. Jacob King ; 6. T J Williams ; 7. Kirk Miles ; 8. Kaitlyn Williams ; 9. Jake Nelson ; 10. Joshua Wilson .

Delaware Super Trucks : 1. Shane Clogg ; 2. David Smith ; 3. #3, No Driver Information on file ; 4. Mattie Long ; 5. Ryan Efford ; 6. Scott Trice ; 7. Dick Bo Champ ; 8. Zack Phillips ; 9. Nate Benson ; 10. Mark Townsend ; 11. Adam Smart ; 12. Micheele Jackson ; 13. Brian Jones ; 14. Thomas Jackson ; 15. Andrew Nelson.

Vintage Sportsman : 1. Terry Chaney ; 2. Chris Killen ; 3. David Tucker II ; 4. Dave Schamp ; 5. Robert Blann ; 6. Maddy Jefferson ; 7. Glenn Lyon ; 8. LJ Walbert

Vintage Modified: 1. Kerry King ; 2. CJ Schirmer ; 3. DJ Cameron ; 4. Dave Parsons ; 5. Rosco Clough ; 6. Robert Paczkowski ; 7. John Burton ; 8. Braydon Ritter ; 9. Chris Loveland ; 10. Jamie Eichhloz