Tim Laduc Snags First Devils Bowl Victory In 2 Years

WEST HAVEN, VT – Tim LaDuc drove a 19-year-old backup car borrowed from fellow competitor Brian Whittemore (who finished 9th) to his first victory in two years. LaDuc, whose mother, Barbara passed away at age 86 last month, scored the 54th win of his career at Devil’s Bowl, matching the number 54 used by his family since the 1960s. LaDuc battled with longtime rival Vince Quenneville in an exciting back-and-forth tussle for the lead in the second half of the race.

Sportsman Modified – 30 laps
1. 36T Tim LaDuc – Orwell, VT
2. 78 Vince Quenneville – Brandon, VT
3. 60 Jimmy Ryan – Shoreham, VT
4. 60W Anthony Warren – Shoreham, VT
5. 51 Justin Comes – Middlebury, VT
O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Sportsman – 25 laps
1. 27 Cody O’Brien – Springfield, VT – First career win
2. 14S Timmy Aldrighetti – Bethel, VT
3. 51 Austin Comes – Middlebury, VT
4. 44 Justin Lilly – Castleton, VT
5. 00 Beau Reeves – Plattsburgh, NY
SUMMARY: Justin Lilly, in his fifth race in an open-wheel Modified, led the first 19 laps before his car stumbled and briefly fell off the pace. Cody O’Brien, 16 – the 2020 Mini Sprint champion in just his sixth Modified start – pounced and took the lead for the upset win. Timmy Aldrighetti was career-best second, and championship point leader Austin Comes scored his fifth consecutive top-three finish.
Super Stock – 20 laps
1. M7 Chris Murray – Fair Haven, VT
2. 5 Chuc Bradford – Addison, VT
3. 3B Paul Braymer – Granville, NY
4. 2X Josh Bussino – Fair Haven, VT
5. 98 Kevin Elliott – Rutland, VT
SUMMARY: Chris Murray survived a trip off the backstretch on the opening lap – which caused his car to lose its brakes – to lead the final six laps for his third consecutive win.
Summit Up Construction Mini Stock – (2) 12-lap segments
1. 20 Zach Wood – Georgia, VT – 7 points
2. 19 Chris Sumner – Ripton, VT – 8 points
3. 6 Scott Chandler – Pittsford, VT – 10 points
4. 7 Tim Simonds – North Clarendon, VT – 11 points
5. 18 Daryl Gebo – Orwell, VT – 13 points
SUMMARY: Zach Wood surprised the Mini Stock division by winning the two-segment special event in his first race of the year in the four-cylinder class. The race was run in two 12-lap segments with a special scoring system to determine the overall winner; Wood finished fourth and third in the two races for a low total score of 7 points for the overall win. Runner-up Chris Sumner finished first and seventh in the segments for 8 points.
Friend Construction 500cc Mini Sprint – 15 laps
1. 723 Ray Hanson – Orwell, VT
2. 11A Gage Provencher – Bridport, VT
3. 10 John Smith – Poultney, VT
4. 22J John McPhee Jr. – Rutland, VT
5. 4 Tommy Kasuba – Castleton, VT
SUMMARY: Ray Hanson rebounded from a wild bounce that almost flipped his car to take his fourth win in row and fifth on the year. Runner-up Gage Provencher, a rookie, is 11 years old.
Enduro Series – 50 laps
1. 67 Dustin Tierney
2. 74 Ryan Benoit
3. 711 Chris Duffney Jr.
4. 510 Matt Wade
5. 30 Trevor Mears
SUMMARY: Dustin Tierney outlasted a field of 51 cars for his first-ever Enduro Series win at Devil’s Bowl Speedway. The race was stopped by two red flags and saw a multi-car fight for the lead in the first 30 laps. Runner-up Ryan Benoit and third-place Chris Duffney Jr. were the only other cars to complete all 50 laps.