Chris Donnelly Wins CRSA/SCoNE Sprint Car Challenge At Devils Bowl

WEST HAVEN, VT – “Professor” Chris Donnelly earned his first Devil’s Bowl win in five years after a wild final two laps. Donnelly, a six-time Sprint Cars of New England (SCoNE) tour champion, dominated the race but was caught late in lapped traffic by Cory Sparks and Clay Dow. Sparks threw a slide job on Donnelly to take the lead briefly on lap 24, but Donnelly crossed him back over to retake the lead. Dow entered the picture in the final lap, passing Sparks for the runner-up finish.

CRSA/SCoNE Sprint Car Challenge – 25 Laps
1. 17 Chris Donnelly – Piermont, NH
2. 31 Clay Dow – Barnstead, NH
3. 1HD Cory Sparks – Edinburg, NY
4. 3A Jeff Trombley – Altamont, NY
5. 61 Will Hull – Plainfield, VT

Sportsman Modified – 50 Laps
1. 111 Demetrios Drellos – Queensbury, NY
2. 54 Tim LaDuc – Orwell, VT
3. 15 Adam Pierson – East Corinth, VT
4. 1XT Todd Stone – Middlebury, VT
5. 78 Vince Quenneville – Brandon, VT
SUMMARY: Demetrios Drellos came from 18th starting position to stalk leader Tim LaDuc for five laps after the halfway mark, then ran side-by-side with him for another five laps, and then finally completed the pass at lap 34 to drive away for his fifth win of the season.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Sportsman – 25 Laps
1. 00 Beau Reeves – Plattsburgh, NY – First career win
2. 77J Bob Kilburn – Fair Haven, VT
3. 44 Justin Lilly – Castleton, VT
4. 33 Melvin Pierson – East Corinth, VT
5. 98 Craig Wholey – Bolton Landing, NY
SUMMARY: Young drivers A.J. Munger, 20, and Beau Reeves, 15, squared off with veteran racer Bob Kilburn, 65, to put on an entertaining show Reeves pulled ahead at lap 15 to score a popular first win, while Kilburn’s runner-up effort was appreciated just as much by the huge crowd. Munger faded to sixth, still the best result of his first season.

Super Stock – 20 Laps
1. M7 Chris Murray – Fair Haven, VT
2. 2X Josh Bussino – Fair Haven, VT
3. 3B Paul Braymer – Granville, NY
4. 55 Andrew FitzGerald – West Rutland, VT
5. 10 Mike Bussino – Mount Holly, VT
SUMMARY: Paul Braymer dominated the race before being pushed out of the lead on lap 17 and then spun from behind. Chuck Bradford and Chris Murray faced off from there, but Bradford spun his car coming to the finish, allowing Murray to take his fifth win of the year.

Summit Up Construction Mini Stock – Feature #1 – 12 Laps
1. 19 Chris Sumner – Ripton, VT
2. 11 T.J. Knight – Wells, VT
3. 13S Nate Smart – Altona, NY
4. 78 Chris Conroy, Newport, NH
5. 4 Chase Allen – Fair Haven, VT
SUMMARY: WIth 38 cars in the pits, the Mini Stock division was split into two feature races. Chris Sumner, who entered the event as the co-point leader with Daryl Gebo, raced to his fourth win of the season. Third-place Nate Smart was in his first start of the year at Devil’s Bowl.

Summit Up Construction Mini Stock – Feature #2 – 12 Laps
1. 46 Greg Zindler Jr. – Plattsburgh, NY – First career win
2. 6 Scott Chandler – Pittsford, VT
3. 18T Clemmy Bell – Peru, NY
4. 75 Derrick Counter – Leicester, VT
5. 44 Craig Kirby – St. Albans, VT
SUMMARY: Greg Zindler Jr. was a dominant first-time winner in the second Mini Stock feature, starting ninth and needing just five laps to take the lead and pull away from the field.

Friend Construction 500cc Mini Sprint – 15 Laps
1. 723 Ray Hanson – Orwell, VT
2. 17 Kaidin White – Monkton, VT
3. 42JR Kamden Duffy – Richmond, NH
4. 67 Kevin Smith – Brandon, VT
5. 73 Vern Woodard – Fair Haven, VT
SUMMARY: Eleven-year-old Kaidin White led the first 9 laps and was holding off point leader Ray Hanson, but White was held up in lapped traffic and allowed Hanson to take over. Hanson’s win was his seventh in the first 10 races of the year, and while in victory lane he made a classy Independence Day salute to the attending members of the Armed Forces.

Enduro Series – 50 Laps
1. 623E Eric Leno
2. 7X Trevor Jaques
3. 21 Scott Richner
4. 911 Artie Forrest
5. 623C Colton Leno
SUMMARY: Matt Wade recovered from a mid-race spin to chase Eric Leno down in the last lap. Wade spun Leno from behind and crossed the finish first as Leno crossed second backwards, but Wade was disqualified for rough riding and Leno was awarded the win – his second of the year.