Hammond Crowd Pleasing Devils Bowl Winner

WEST HAVEN, VT – On G-Stone Motors night Walter Hammond gave kiddie rides at the mid portion of the program. Then he gave friends, family, and fans a ride to victory lane after picking up the Sunoco Sportsman Modified 30-lap feature win on Saturday. Evan Roberts, Robert Gauthier, Chris Conroy, Chris Lennox, and Chris Murray also picked up wins this weekend at the bowl.

Adam Piper and Brian Whittemore led the 27-car Sunoco Sportsman Modified field to the green, but it was Walter Hammond who marched to the front with his WH Building & Design number 98H from his fourth place starting spot and took the lead just past the midway point in the event.

He had some late race challenges from Tim LaDuc who at one point slipped past Hammond, but suffered mechanical failure sending him to the pits. Todd Stone then challenged using the bottom, as Hammond was ripping the lip, but Walt wasn’t going to be denied the win. He was followed to the checkered flag by Todd Stone, Tanner Siemons, Josh Masterson, and Justin Comes rounding out the top five.

Walt Hammond, James Hanson, and Shawn McPhee were heat race winners. Tim LaDuc earned Elmo’s Pit Stop Bonus Bucks worth $100 via random draw at the pit meeting, while Todd Stone earned the Trisha Pettis Hard Charger also worth $100 presented by Ed ‘Elmo’ Allen and the folks from Elmo’s Pit Stop for his efforts starting 19th and finishing 2nd.

Evan Roberts continued to be red hot picking up his third O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Sportsman 25-lap feature win. He did so impressively by charging from his 16th starting position to earn the win after taking the lead late in the event from then leader Justin Lilly. Lilly, Hunter Nutter, Tim Aldrighetti, and Scott Fitzgerald rounded out the top five finishers.

Anthony Ryan, Tim Aldrighetti, and Evan Roberts earned heat race victories.

Robert Gauthier put in work and earned his first 20-lap Hoosier Daddy Racing Rookie Sportsman feature wins of the season. He wasted no time taking the lead from his third starting spot and never looked back. Rounding out the top five finishers were William Lussier Jr., Daryl Gebo, Randy Edson, and Camden Duffy.

Kamden Duffy and Robert Gauthier were heat race winners.

Chris Conroy had himself a day after storming from 14th to victory lane in the 15-lap Mini Stock feature event. It was his first win of the season at Devil’s Bowl. He was chased to the checkers Mark Mahoney, Tyler Bell, Clemmy Bell, and Griff Mahoney rounding out the top five.

Chris Sumner, Mark Mahoney, and Chris Conroy won their respective heat races. Josh Ostertag won the 10-lap Mini Stock B-Main.

Chris Lennox parked it in victory lane for his first Friend Construction 15-lap 500cc Mini Sprint feature win of the season. He was followed by Kevin Smith, Logan Dennis, Raelin Dunham, and Chayton Young who completed the top five finishers.

Ray Hanson and Chris Lennox won their qualifying heat races.

Chris Murray picked up his second 15-lap Super Stock win of the season at the bowl, with Josh Bussino, Andrew Fitzgerald, Jimmy McKiernan, and Mike Bussino rounding out the top five.

Next up for Devil’s Bowl Speedway is the annual Independence Day Spectacular including the largest Fireworks display in Central Vermont. All weekly divisions will be in action (no Super Stock) plus the SCONE 360 Sprint Cars. Pit gates open at 2 PM, grandstands open at 4:30 PM, with racing scheduled to start at 6 PM.

Devil’s Bowl Speedway is located on Route 22A in West Haven, VT., four miles north of U.S. Route 4, Exit 2, just 20 minutes from Rutland, VT. For more information, visit www.DevilsBowlSpeedwayVT.com. Follow Devil’s Bowl Speedway on Facebook at facebook.com/DevilsBowlSpeedway, and on Twitter and Instagram at @DevilsBowlSpeed or with the #DevilsBowl hashtag.

JUNE 25, 2022 SUNOCO SPORTSMAN MODIFIED FEATURE RESULTS (30 Laps) – 1) WALTER HAMMOND, 2) Todd Stone, 3) Tanner Siemons, 4) Josh Masterson, 5) Justin Comes, 6) Marty Kelly III, 7) Anthony Warren, 8) Elmo Reckner, 9) Justin Stone, 10) Billy Lussier, 11) Adam Piper, 12) Don Mattison, 13) Brian Whittemore, 14) Frank Hoard III, 15) Johnny Bruno, 16) Shawn McPhee, 17) Walter Hammond Jr., 18) David Bosclair, 19) Vince Quenneville, 20) Austin Comes, 21) Dylan Madsen, 22) Brent Warren, 23) Tim LaDuc, 24) Jimmy Davis, 25) Jimmy Ryan, 26) James Hanson, 27) Troy Audet.

JUNE 25, 2022 O’REILEY AUTO PARTS LIMITED SPORTSMAN FEATURE RESULTS (25 Laps) – 1) EVAN ROBERTS, 2) Justin Lilly, 3) Hunter Nutter, 4) Tim Aldrighetti, 5) Scott Fitzgerald, 6) William Duprey, 7) Alex Layn, 8) Anthony Ryan, 9) Kyle Kerr, 10) Freddie Little, 11) Bubba McPhee, 12) Katrina Bean, 13) Randy Ryan, 14) John Gosselin, 15) Steve Miller, 16) Gary English, 17) Cody O’Brien, 18) Mike McGinn, 19) AJ Munger, 20) Josh LeClaire, 21) Jason Quenneville, 22) Bob Kilburn, 23) Craig Wholey.

JUNE 25, 2022 HOOSIER DADDY RACING ROOKIE SPORTSMAN FEATURE RESULTS (20 Laps) – 1) ROBERT GAUTHIER, 2) William Lussier Jr., 3) Daryl Gebo, 4) Randy Edson, 5) Camden Duffy, 6) Josh Bussino, 7) Russ Farr, 8) Bobbie Hults, 9) Derrick Counter, 10) Donald Williams, 11) Jason Kerr, 12) Adam LaFountain, 13) Nick Austin-Neil, 14) Holden Bass, 15) Ed Bell, 16) Tom Lilly.

JUNE 25, 2022 MINI STOCK FEATURE RESULTS (15 Laps) – 1) CHRIS CONROY, 2) Mark Mahoney, 3) Tyler Bell, 4) Clemmy Bell, 5) Griff Mahoney, 6) Ron Alger, 7) Allen Hewitt, 8) Craig Kirby, 9) Austin McKirryher, 10) Freddy Burch, 11) Jake Mallory, 12) Jake Barrows, 13) Chase Allen, 14) Jonathan Mason, 15) Adam Mahoney, 16) Cody Dion, 17) Brian Blake, 18) Adam Montville, 19) Justin Ramsey, 20) Chris Sumner, 21) Chris Duffney Jr., 22) Tim Robinson, 23) Jarrod Colburn, 24) Matt Wade.

JUNE 25, 2022 FRIEND CONSTRUCTION 500CC MINI SPRINT FEATURE RESULTS (15 Laps) – 1) CHRIS LENNOX, 2) Kevin Smith, 3) Logan Dennis, 4) Raelin Dunham, 5) Chayton Young, 6) Ray Hanson, 7) Lane Saville, 8) Thomas Kasuba, 9) Gage Provencher, 10) Ashleigh Kelzer, 11) Aidin Benoure, 12) Tyler Travis, 13) Nadine Coates, 14) Vern Woodard, 15) Damen Kasuba, 16) Scott Bachand (sub for Roger LaDuc).

JUNE 25, 2022 SUPER STOCK FEATURE RESULTS (15 Laps) – 1) CHRIS MURRAY, 2) Josh Bussino, 3) Mike Bussino, 4) Andrew Fitzgerald, 5) Garrett Given, 6) Jimmy McKiernan, 7) Cam Gadue, 8) Matt Mosher, 9) Tony Salerno, 10) Joel Zelinsky.