Matt Barbour & Ian Gordon Split DMNT Features At Southern Ontario

SOUTH BUXTON, ON – The Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour made its first ever appearance at the Southern Ontario Motor Speedway here this past Saturday night much to the delight of the standing room only crowd.

The visit marked not only the series first event at the track but it was also the first time Nostalgia style cars have ever run at the all new South Buxton oval.

The DMNT ran a pair of 15 lap feature events with the first feature results being inverted for the second. When the dust and checkered flags were settled, a familiar face and a fresh face would walk away with well deserved wins.

In the first 15 lapper, Matt Barbour of Brockville, On would jump into the lead over local runner Brad McLeod and hold off challenges from the bigger horsepower car. McLeod would start to feel pressure from Kingston’s Tim Hegarty and would lose a power steering belt a few laps later, retiring to the infield. Hegarty would claim second but that would be short lived when North Augusta, On native Jeff Ciglich would use the top side of the speedway to sail by. Hegarty would not give up and continue to challenge but Ciglich would prove too strong and take the runner up spot. By this time Barbour would be on cruise control and he would collect his first of the season with Ciglich and Hegarty completing the podium.

In the second go round Hannah Ferrell of Scotland, On would jump out into the lead. By lap three Ian Gordon of Kingston, On would use the top of the track to move around Ferrell and grab the lead. Barbour would move into second a few laps later and give chase. A few laps later both Hegarty and Jeff Ciglich would move by Ferrell and that would set up a great battle once again between the two. But this time it would be Hegarty with the upper hand and he would complete the podium behind Gordon and Barbour.

Feature #1
1) 37 Matt Barbour 2) 21 Jeff Ciglich 3) 40 Tim Hegarty 4) 17 Ian Gordon 5) 601 Jeff Larmet 6) 19 Megan Ciglich 7) 64 Don Lessard 8 ) 48 Hannah Ferrell 9) 51 Bill Profota 10) 50 Brad McLeod

Feature #2
1) 17 Ian Gordon 2) 37 Matt Barbour 3) 40 Tim Hegarty 4) 21 Jeff Ciglich 5) 48 Hannah Ferrell 6) 601 Jeff Larmet 7) 64 Don Lessard 8 ) Megan Ciglich DNS 50 Brad McLeod 51 Bill Profota

Pit notes: A long drive for some competitors logging in plus hours of hauler time…Ferrell would see a sure heat win taken away with a flat tire…Gordon wins his first feature on his third try…Bill Profota looking strong until power steering issues would force him to retire early…Gordon winning his first ever feature despite transmission issues…McLeod and Barbour would claim the heat race wins

Photo credit: Christine Ciglich