AJ Maddox Dominates Night One With The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints At East Bay Raceway Park

Tampa, FL – Twenty two cars registered for Friday nights 25-lap A-Main feature.

For the 25-lap Feature it was Tim George and Hayden Campbell. Campbell took the early lead but it was the AJ Maddox show as he dominated the field by almost lapping the entire field.

When AJ reached Victory Lane he was quick to thank his car owner Ray Bolin for giving him the opportunity to wheel the car. He also thanked Robert Delgado Engines and Crawford Tires. Maddox also picked up the Jeff Barfield Memorial Sweep Award with an extra $200.

Winning their heats were Maddox, Mark Ruel, Jr. and Matt Kurtz

Rounding out the top five were Matt Kurtz, Mark Ruel, Jr., Andy Kelley and Johnny Gilbertson and rounding out the top ten were Tim George, Bryan Eckley, Justin Webster, Anthony D Allesio and Dennis Misuraca.

Thanks, East Bay Raceway Park

Top Gun Sprints 2/3/2017
1. AJ Maddox (Tampa, FL), 2. Matt Kurtz (Jacksonville, FL), 3. Mark Ruel Jr. (Jacksonville, FL), 4. Andy Kelley (Plant City, FL), 5. Johnny Gilbertson (Dover, FL), 6. Tim George (Venice, FL), 7. Bryan Eckley (Tampa, FL), 8. Justin Webster (Sarasota, FL), 9. Anthony D Alessio (Apollo Beach, FL), 10. Dennis Misuraca (Sanford, FL), 11. Freddie McCall (Brewton, AL), 12. Nikole Vosiey (Wesley Chapel, FL), 13. Sean Clark (North Port, FL), 14. Hayden Campbell (Montverde, FL), 15. Frank Carlsson (Oxford, FL), 16. Clint Reynolds (San Antonio, TX), 17. Troy Knowles (Gibsonton, FL), 18. Brandon Grubraugh (Ocala, FL), 19. Johnny Petrozelle III (Denton, NC), 20. Billy Bridges (Venice, FL), 21. Keith Butler (Riverview, FL), 22. Joe Zuczek (Venice, FL),

Heat Race 1:
1. AJ Maddox (Tampa, FL), 2. Andy Kelley (Plant City, FL), 3. Tim George (Venice, FL), 4. Dennis Misuraca (Sanford, FL), 5. Frank Carlsson (Oxford, FL), 6. Clint Reynolds (San Antonio, TX), 7. Joe Zuczek (Venice, FL),

Heat Race 2:
1. Matt Kurtz (Jacksonville, FL), 2. Johnny Gilbertson (Dover, FL), 3. Bryan Eckley (Tampa, FL), 4. Freddie McCall (Brewton, AL), 5. Troy Knowles (Gibsonton, FL), 6. Sean Clark (North Port, FL), 7. Keith Butler (Riverview, FL),

Heat Race 3:
1. Mark Ruel Jr. (Jacksonville, FL), 2. Hayden Campbell (Montverde, FL), 3. Johnny Petrozelle III (Denton, NC), 4. Justin Webster (Sarasota, FL), 5. Anthony D Alessio (Apollo Beach, FL), 6. Brandon Grubraugh (Ocala, FL), 7. Nikole Vosiey (Wesley Chapel, FL), 8. Billy Bridges (Venice, FL),