Local Driver Jeff Mathews Wins Final Night Of Sunshine State Mod Tour At East Bay Raceway Park

Tampa, FL – The top six cars were locked into tonight’s 75-lap A-Main. They were Kevin Adams, Jeff Mathews, Kenny Wallace, Brad Goff, David Reutimann, Mavrick Varnadore. It was Mavrick Varndore who pulled the number one spot while Kenny Wallace drew the outside pole.

From the drop of the green flag it was like last night’s feature with Kevin Adams and Jeff Mathews putting on a show for the crowd. Adams would lead the first lap but it was Mathews taking over on the next one and go on to lead until lap forty five.

Adams went around Mathews and would find himself coming up on lap traffic with Mathews tracking him down lap after lap.

Mathews would then regain the lead on lap sixty one and never look back and went on to win the $5,000 payday. Mathews said in Victory Lane that this is one bad hot rod and couldn’t thank his crew enough for all the hard work they have put in over the past few days. It was 2010 when Mathews found himself in Victory Lane during the Winternationals at East Bay Raceway Park.

Rounding out the top ten were Kevin Adams, Mike VanGenderen, Ray Bollinger, Kenny Wallace, Mavrick Varnadore, Lucas Lee, David Reutimann, Curt Myers and Roger Crouse.

Winning the Limited Modifieds was Kevin Adams who also won the Points Championship.

Racing continues Monday night with the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series with six straight nights of action. For more information you can visit our website at www.eastbayracewaypark.com.

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Modifieds 2/11/2017
1. Jeff Matthews (Apollo Beach, FL), 2. Kevin Adams (Cameron, WI), 3. Mike VanGenderen (Newton, IA), 4. Ray Bollinger (Kewanee, IL), 5. Kenny Wallace (Imperial, MO), 6. Mavrick Varnadore (Dover, FL), 7. Lucas Lee (Paris, TN), 8. David Reutimann (Sherrills Ford, NC), 9. Curt Myers (Cameron, WI), 10. Roger Crouse (Plant City, FL), 11. Shon Flanary (Surgoinsville, TN), 12. Chad Williamson (Watertown, SD), 13. Allen Weisser (Peoria, IL), 14. Buzzie Reutimann (Zephyrhills, FL), 15. Bryan Bernhardt (Clearwater, FL), 16. Brad Goff (Zanesville, OH), 17. Dale Kelley (Plant City, FL), 18. Mike Potosky (Guys Mills, PA), 19. Devin Dixon (Apollo Beach, FL), 20. Preston Seratt (Finley, TN), 21. Todd Neiheiser (Panama City, FL), 22. Travis Varnadore (Dover, FL), 23. Tyler Nicely (Owensboro, KY), 24. Gary Bentley (St Charles, MO), 25. Rick Conoyer (St Peters, MO),

B-Main 1:
1. Bryan Bernhardt (Clearwater, FL), 2. Devin Dixon (Apollo Beach, FL), 3. Chad Williamson (Watertown, SD), 4. Gary Bentley (St Charles, MO), 5. Craig Christein (Proctarville, OH), 6. Rick Conoyer (St Peters, MO), 7. Trent Young (Crofton, KY), 8. Eric Moon (Zephyrhills, FL), 9. Nathon Loney (Danville, OH), 10. Ashley Newman (Ripley, TN), 11. Dave Baldwin (Perrysville, IN), 12. Dennis Haven (Brentford, SD), 13. Tyler Jones (Hamilton, OH), 14. Bill Howard (Apollo Beach, FL), 15. Scotty Kincaid (Rising Sun, IN), 16. Keith Williams (Wheatfield, IN),

B-Main 2:
1. Tyler Nicely (Owensboro, KY), 2. Allen Weisser (Peoria, IL), 3. Mike Potosky (Guys Mills, PA), 4. Buzzie Reutimann (Zephyrhills, FL), 5. Rick Weekly (Buffalo, IL), 6. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 7. Drew Jackson (Lakeland, FL), 8. Matt Miller (Tampa, FL), 9. David Mitchell (Robards, KY), 10. Brad DeYoung (Wheatfield, IN), 11. Mike Weber (Cincinnati, OH), 12. Kyle Schmidt (Farmington, AR), 13. Jessie Hoskins (Longdale, OK), 14. Jason Gross (Cushing, WI), 15. Kyle Strickler (Mooresville, NC),

Heat Race 1:
1. Todd Neiheiser (Panama City, FL), 2. Curt Myers (Cameron, WI), 3. Ashley Newman (Ripley, TN), 4. Tyler Nicely (Owensboro, KY), 5. Eric Moon (Zephyrhills, FL), 6. Buzzie Reutimann (Zephyrhills, FL), 7. Tyler Jones (Hamilton, OH), 8. Kyle Schmidt (Farmington, AR), 9. Keith Williams (Wheatfield, IN),

Heat Race 2:
1. Shon Flanary (Surgoinsville, TN), 2. Ray Bollinger (Kewanee, IL), 3. Kyle Strickler (Mooresville, NC), 4. Nathon Loney (Danville, OH), 5. Jessie Hoskins (Longdale, OK), 6. Craig Christein (Proctarville, OH), 7. Brad DeYoung (Wheatfield, IN), 8. Dennis Haven (Brentford, SD),

Heat Race 3:
1. Dale Kelley (Plant City, FL), 2. Roger Crouse (Plant City, FL), 3. Bryan Bernhardt (Clearwater, FL), 4. Rick Weekly (Buffalo, IL), 5. Rick Conoyer (St Peters, MO), 6. Matt Miller (Tampa, FL), 7. Scotty Kincaid (Rising Sun, IN), 8. Mike Weber (Cincinnati, OH),

Heat Race 4:
1. Lucas Lee (Paris, TN), 2. Travis Varnadore (Dover, FL), 3. Allen Weisser (Peoria, IL), 4. Gary Bentley (St Charles, MO), 5. Jason Gross (Cushing, WI), 6. Dave Baldwin (Perrysville, IN), 7. Drew Jackson (Lakeland, FL), 8. Bill Howard (Apollo Beach, FL),

Heat Race 5:
1. Mike VanGenderen (Newton, IA), 2. Preston Seratt (Finley, TN), 3. Devin Dixon (Apollo Beach, FL), 4. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 5. Chad Williamson (Watertown, SD), 6. Mike Potosky (Guys Mills, PA), 7. Trent Young (Crofton, KY), 8. David Mitchell (Robards, KY)

Limited Modified 2/11/2017
1. Kevin Adams (Cameron, WI), 2. Jason Garver (Starke, FL), 3. David Simpson (Thunder Bay, ON), 4. Chris Osborne Jr (East Peoria, IL), 5. Thomas Sigler (St. Mary’s, WV), 6. Robin Lashley (Buffalo, OH), 7. Randy Shields Jr. (Tampa, FL), 8. Nate Huffington (Earlton, FL), 9. David Reutimann (Sherrills Ford, NC),

Heat Race:
1. Jason Garver (Starke, FL), 2. David Reutimann (Sherrills Ford, NC), 3. Kevin Adams (Cameron, WI), 4. Thomas Sigler (St. Mary’s, WV), 5. Robin Lashley (Buffalo, OH), 6. Chris Osborne Jr (East Peoria, IL), 7. David Simpson (Thunder Bay, ON), 8. Randy Shields Jr. (Tampa, FL), 9. Nate Huffington (Earlton, FL),